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8 Michigan Craft Beers That Taste Like Summer With Light Flavors

8 Michigan Craft Beers That Taste Like Summer With Light Flavors

Check out these amazing Michigan craft beers for summertime with the fruity and light flavors. You will want to bring these in your boat cooler.

It’s summer and that means it’s the time of year for you to be outside (preferably on a lake) with a nice refreshing beverage in hand. In Michigan, that beverage usually means a beer that was crafted within the marvelous mitten state. Fear not residents of all the other 49 states, this doesn’t exclude you from drinking these delectable brews. If you want a beer that brings summer straight to your mouth, try a few of these out. These are some of the best Michigan craft beers!

1. MI Berry Vice (Arcadia Ales)

This beer from Arcadia Ales is made with red and black raspberries along with blueberries. This creates a tartiness that brings memories of eating berries right off the vine. The fact that it’s not a heavy beer too makes it easy drinking for a long day outside and the purple hue pairs perfectly with a picturesque summer night.

2. Soft Parade (Short’s Brewing Company)

Another berry-centric beer, Soft Parade has a strong aroma and taste of strawberries (the most summery of any fruit) and blueberries. The logo also has a woman straight-up lounging in a beach chair on it. If the beer alone didn’t make you think of summer, Shorts’ marketing sure will. This is one of the best Michigan craft beers!


3. Pooltime Ale (Bell’s Brewery)

One of Michigan’s most treasured summer time traditions is the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City. Pooltime Ale is brewed with cherries specifically from this area (and only sold during the summer) which transports the warmer months straight to your mouth. Make no mistake, the name and logo of this beer is not made to deceive the drinkers.

4. Dirty Blonde (Atwater Brewery)

Though this beer is available year round, unlike some others listed here, that doesn’t mean it tastes like all of the 12 months. Have this wheat beer, with its hints of crushed orange peels, during the bitterly cold December and you’ll briefly forget that you have to wear eight layers in order to leave your house. This is one of the best Michigan craft beers!

5. Strawberry Short’s Cake (Short’s Brewing Company)

Going along with the strawberry theme, this Short’s beer tastes exactly as the name entails. The addition of milk sugar gives it a nice creamy taste and can trick anyone into thinking that they are drinking a blended shortcake. Enjoy this beer while relaxing on a dock and you will have no regrets.

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6. Whitsun (Arcadia Ales)

Arcadia’s premier summer brew, Whitsun brings to the table a combination of orange, coriander and honey. It’s bright and colorful notes directly reflect the feeling you get when you feel that wonderful beating sun on your face. This beer gives us all hope if our sun were to ever burn out (not really, that’s an exaggeration. We need the sun). This is one of the best Michigan craft beers!

7. Blueberry Lemonade Shandy (Saugatuck Brewing)

Light beers are summery enough in of themselves, and this shandy is no exception. It hits you with a strong note of lemonade and the unique, yet tasty addition of blueberries. This is not the kind of lemonade you’ll find the neighborhood kids selling on your street corner when school is out of session, this one has a little something extra (alcohol, it’s alcohol).


8. Oberon (Bell’s Brewery)

Ah, the best for last. No other beer in Michigan has a whole day dedicated to its release. On Oberon release day, the whole town of Kalamazoo gathers together at various local bars to taste the first batch of what signifies the warmer days to come. Even Bells’ website describes Oberon as “the color and scent of a sunny afternoon,” and they are far from wrong. This is one of the best Michigan craft beers!

Are there any beers from other states that taste like summer like these Michigan craft beers? Let us know in the comments!

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