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8 Methods to Curing A College Hangover

8 Methods to Curing A College Hangover

Few college hangover cures are known to be continually effective. Whether you are a college freshman who is new to the party scene or an experienced drinker simply looking for a new hangover cure, this is the list for you. These 8 unique and basic methods are proven to heal any hangover pains that follow a fun night out drinking with friends. Headaches, stomach pains, or nausea can be fixed by following the steps documented in these methods. 

1. Two Cups of Water Method

This college hangover cure is a method that is helpful specifically for long term recovery, meaning that after around 10 or 11 AM, you will be fully prepared and energetic to get through the entire day as though you had not drunk the night before. The steps go as follows: set your alarm for around 7 AM the morning after your big night out. When you wake up at what feels like the crack of dawn, quickly slurp down a bottle of water and then take about 30 minutes to an hour to finish a second bottle. During this hour I recommend you stay in bed and scroll through social media or take a shower to feel better. After finishing the second water, get a few more hours of sleep and wake up on your second alarm set for about 11 AM. By then you should be feeling more rejuvenated and energized for your day. If you are still feeling down in the dumps or your stomach is screaming, taking an over the counter medication such as Ibuprofen or Advil also almost always helps.

2. Smoking Weed

If you are a stoner, this is the hangover cure for you. Fact or fiction, rumor has it that smoking weed before consuming alcohol leaves you with a lesser hangover the following morning. Along with this, smoking or consuming the energetic strain of the plant marijuana, Sativa, can give you a kick in the morning that will break your tiredness and help you crawl out of bed.


3. Black Coffee

A more well-known, but just as effective college hangover cure is drinking coffee. No this does not mean have your best friend bring you your signature Starbucks drink with added sugars and flavors. Rather, stick to the basics and drink a cup of straight black coffee. This will not only get you more ready for the day due to the intense caffeine kick that coffee provides regardless of your hangover status, but caffeine is also said to help headaches.


4. Herbal Capsules

Many products have been branded and advertised as the cure for all college hangovers, however, it seems as though nearly none of them actually work. This list offers a surplus of solutions all with items you can find in your dorm or on your campus. However, a growing trend on the East Coast is herbal capsules. These can be purchased at many city bodegas or corner stores for usually under ten dollars. By taking one or two of these capsules prior to consuming any alcoholic beverage, you can expect to have little to no hangover symptoms in the morning. 

5. Pulling the Trigger

While this college hangover cure is painful and unpleasant, throwing up can make you feel better after drinking. While it has no long term benefits for your hangover symptoms, vomiting may make your stomach settle in the short term and helps remove alcohol from your system. Make sure to exercise this college hangover cure with care, and remember that you do not have to drink to the point of vomiting for it to be a fun night. Along with this, be sure to equip yourself with mints or a toothbrush to rid of the bad taste that may be left in your mouth. 

6. Sleeping it Off

You will find this method on every college hangover cure list, however, this is because it is one of the most effective ways to rid of the effects of a hangover. Sleep is a vital part of recovering from drinking the night before. If it is possible, clear your schedule of any important priorities the day after you drink. This will allow you to sleep through the negative aspects of alcohol and will energize you for the upcoming week. If you must attend an event the following day, try to end your night out earlier than usual, or allow yourself a little extra time to sleep in. In the situation that neither of these options is possible, pick any other method on this list and be sure to get to bed early the following night. 

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7. Bananas and Gatorade

From a biological standpoint, alcohol reduces the vitamin levels in your bloodstream and overall body after excessive consumption. This means the following morning most of your hangover symptoms stem from an extreme loss of vitamins. By eating items such as bananas that are high in potassium, and drinking liquids such as Gatorade that contain electrolytes, you are revitalizing your body by giving it the necessary nutrients it needs to function on a daily basis. If you dislike bananas and Gatorade, there are other options that can fulfill your nutritional needs during a college hangover. Some of these include spinach, crackers, and nuts. 


8. Grease it Up

While you might not think waking up after a night out to eat a big juicy burger sounds good, this hangover method is scientifically proven to benefit your body. Due to an amino acid that resides in greasy foods called “cysteine,” this type of food can actually decrease the toxins in your body that form when consuming alcohol. Luckily many breakfast foods include cysteines, such as bacon, sausage, and eggs. If you are not a breakfast person, do not fear for the grease is still here! Other food options that you can choose from include meats, yogurt, and cheese. Along with this, many vegan foods are high in this specific amino acid. Nearly any vegetables such as broccoli and brussels sprouts contain it as well. 

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Do you know any other effective college hangover cures? Help us out and let us know your secrets in the comments below!