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25 Mermaid Prom Dresses That Are Absolutely Stunning

25 Mermaid Prom Dresses That Are Absolutely Stunning

Mermaid prom dresses are the perfect dress style for your upcoming winter, spring or summer prom! The two piece mermaid prom dress is also a cute look!

Prom season is among us! That means it’s about that time of the year when high school girls start the intense search to find the perfect dress to wear on this special night. A new style of dress that is becoming more and more popular is the Mermaid Dress. These dresses are usually very form fitting in the torso, hips, and thighs, but once it reaches around the knees, it flares out, rippling around the wearer’s feet. Sounds pretty gorgeous right? Just wait until you see some of these gowns so you can draw some inspiration for your own search! Below are 25 mermaid prom dresses that are absolutely stunning!

1) Royal Bling

This first one is a classic- royal blue with some bling. Notice how it’s very form fitting, yet still gives the model the flowy look around her base.



2) All Black

Next up is another classic- you can never go wrong with black!  This one is definitively one of my personal faves because it has mesh long sleeves which is something that not many dresses have. It also has great texture and intricate designs, so anyone would look amazing in this dress!


3) Simplicity

Although the design of this dress itself isn’t anything crazy, I think the simplicity of it paired with a color as bold and unusual as a soft yellow makes it beautiful. It would look great on someone with dark hair as well as with a silver necklace to spice it up!



4) Back Details

Same goes with this one- it is strictly one solid color, but that amazing neckline and those back details make it so beautiful!



5) The Classic Blingy Dress

This one definitely caught my eye! It’s blingy with a deep neckline (which has a mesh insert if you look carefully!) It’s a classic prom dress style that you can’t go wrong with.

6) Pretty n’ Pink!

This one is very innocent and just plain cute! The halter style top is something very different and it looks beautiful with the lace designs. A simple earring is all you will need to top off this look!



7) The Two-Piece

I don’t even know where to begin, just look at how gorgeous it is! It combines many styles that aren’t usually common in prom dresses such as the high neckline, long sleeves, and the cropped top. The ensemble goes together perfectly, and would definitely be a show stopper!


8) Lace And Mesh

There are so many great things about this dress, just wow.  It’s so uniquely designed with all the lace and mesh that you would definitively stand out if you wore this to your prom. It just looks so light and elegant. LOVE.



9) Seeing Red

Here’s another classic prom color! Red always looks good on anyone. Especially when it comes to this dress!  All the bling makes it pop and the bottom looks like it’s on fire!



10) Emerald Green

A color that isn’t usually associated with prom dresses is green!  This dress totally goes against that and is so beautiful!  The lace long sleeves are beautifully crafted and the off-the-shoulder look totally adds to the outfit.


11) Sparkles galore!

Anything with this much glitter is bound to grab anyone’s attention the second you walk in those doors. And with the amazing open back detailing, you’ll be turning around for every pic!



12) Winter Prom

This is another one of my favorites. This color is great if your prom is earlier in the year when it’s still not quite spring. My Junior Prom was in March (and in upstate New York), so spring hadn’t really arrived yet and it made more sense to go with darker, wintry colors. This dress would be perfect for a case like this! The lace sleeves and the cropped top do give it that spring vibe, so it would also be perfect for a spring prom!



13) Slit Style

This is the first dress on the list that has a slit in the skirt! It looks great with this color, as does the rhinestone detailing all over the torso. The skin tone color always looks nice if it’s accessorized correctly.


14) Crop Top Lovin’

This one is so cute!  I love the white of the skirt contrasting with those colorful bejeweled details on the crop top!



15) Modern And Maroon

This one seems to have it all– bling, mesh, lace, and the cropped top! It’s very modern in those aspects as well as with this beautiful maroon color.



16) All Eyes On You

Oh. My. Goodness. That’s all I have to say about this one. If you want all eyes on you, this showstopping dress is perfect for you.


17) Starry Night

Here’s another one with a little bit of everything.  I love all things royal blue so this is another one of my favorites!  The deep blue contrasted against the silver detailing gives it that glowing aspect that’s super romantic!

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18) Shades Of Gold

Gold and tan are a great pairing!  It’s classy and elegant and this dress is a perfect example of that!



19) A True Mermaid

I love this one!  It’s an example of a very drastic mermaid style, because you can clearly see where the top tight fitting section stops and the bottom flowy portion begins. The skirt of this one is made out of velvet which gives it a gorgeous look. That slit under the high neckline also has the potential to be a very nice touch.



20) Jewels Galore

Talk about jewels! This dress is covered in them! The one shoulder strap on it also adds another dimension to to the look.


21) Princess Vibes




22) Silver And Gold

This dress is so pretty!  The silver and gold bling detailing against the white fabric looks stunning and would look even better on someone going to prom.



23) Classic Black

Here is another classic black dress, but with a very modern look to it.  The lace, mesh, and beads make it very textured and intricate looking.


24) Girly Girl

This one is super pretty with its mix of colors, use of overlaying fabric, and the flowery designs! It also has a small belt-like feature around the waist, which is actually very cute and can instantly give anyone that curvy hour-glass shape!



25) Spring Patterns

This look is slightly different than what you would usually see, and I believe this style is going to become more and more popular in the coming years!  The patterned skirt really is gorgeous, as is the matching lace top.  It really screams spring and I’m sure it would look beautiful on anyone walking into prom, as would all of these mermaid prom dresses!

Are there are any other gorgeous mermaid prom dresses that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!
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