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8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

The social media world can have enormous impacts, both negative and positive, on your mental health. The purpose of social media is to improve our social connections with others – but I have to wonder whether these platforms are doing the exact opposite for us.

For example, have you ever let the amount of likes on your profile picture cause you to delete it? Have you ever used social media tools to keep tabs on an ex? Have you ever investigated so thoroughly into someone’s social media feeds, dived right into their comments and likes, and wonder who certain people? I certainly am guilty of this, especially on Instagram.

Instagram is amazing for sharing photography, selfies and staying connected with others, but they can have extremely negative effects to our mental health. We may start comparing our feeds with other people, comparing our follower counts with others, wonder why our posts don’t get the same amount of likes as others and even feel jealous of people who seem to be living a picture-perfect life that causes us to feel bad about our own lives. 

But regardless, there is a community on Instagram that have turned mental health repercussions on its head to provide helpful advice and insights into our own mental health. There are actually so many psychologists, counsellors and therapists that use Instagram to give us a healthy insight into the way we are feeling. These include finding better relationships, recognising patterns within our choices and most importantly, helping us to live more mentally healthy lives. 

1. Nedra Glover Tawwab, Therapist

A writer, therapist and speaker, Nedra Tawwab shares many posts to her Instagram about her views on living a better life and developing a healthier mindset. She regularly talks about the purpose of setting boundaries, learning how to say ‘no’, how to take mental health days, how to maintain better relationships by recognising patterns within ourselves and practising self compassion, bravery and stability within our choices. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

2. Sara Kuburić, Therapist

A therapist and PhD researcher, Sara Kuburić’s Instagram focuses mainly on practising self compassion and providing techniques that will help followers to understand their feelings better. This includes tips for how to practice constructive breathing techniques, self care and recognising ill behaviours within ourselves. This is extremely helpful for those who feel as though they are falling victim to the same patterns and cannot find out why that is. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

3. Tori Press, Artist

An artist, Tori Press uses her artistic ability to communicate ways to develop healthy self care routines by sharing beautiful quotes and uplifting messages to her followers. It can be easy to get caught up in the beauty of other people’s Instagram feeds, looking at feeds that make you uneasy, but with Tori Press’s attractive mental health focused posts, you can receive a daily pick me up and learn more about your feelings and emotions along the way. 

The Instagram account also uses gorgeous colours that have the capacity to uplift the mood easily, such as natural colours like pale blues, greens and yellows, all of which are great for relaxing and calming the overactive mind. Tori Press also draws sweet comics about how to use simple methods to approach self healing and recovery, and almost every post has a story behind it as you slide the images across. These are personal stories from the artist, how she has learned from experience and how she manages anxiety and recovery. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

4. Silvy Khoucasian, Relationship Coach

If you have struggled to figure out the patterns of your relationships, why you might be falling for the same types of people who are not doing anything valuable for you, then you may need some relationship guidance.

Silvy Khoucasian’s Instagram focuses mainly on the foundation of relationships, and how to approach people with different attachment styles. As such her feed is extremely helpful in realising how to attract better relationships and how not to compromise your own mental health in the process. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

5. Lisa Oliver, Therapist and Writer

A writer and a therapist, Lisa Oliver shares many uplifting quotes that can be extremely insightful to how you might be able to change your style of thinking. She also shares techniques for how to practice things such as embodiment, giving yourself permission to feel certain ways without feeling guilty, practising self compassion and more. This is perfect for those who wish to gain more insight into their unhelpful thinking styles and how you might be able to change it. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

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6. Elizabeth Earnshaw, Therapist

A therapist and couples therapist, Elizabeth Earnshaw focuses mainly on developing healthy boundaries within relationships. This is extremely important for those who feel as if their boundaries have been crossed when they try to break down walls for others. Additionally, her Instagram shares healthy tactics to use when conquering conflict within relationships. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

7. Nicole LePerera, Psychologist

Calling herself the holistic psychologist, Nicole LePerera divulges various mental health topics through her posts on Instagram. She covers self care, learning patterns within our own behaviours, setting boundaries, self healing, understanding addiction, recognising healthy partner traits, how to communicate what we want and how family history might be impacting our behavioural patterns.

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

8. My Self Love Supply, Brand

With many adorable and cute artistic posts shared, My Self Love Supply is an excellent Instagram page for anyone wanting a little daily pick me up in their feed. If you are on the path to recovery and self healing, then this Instagram is perfect to uplift your spirits and learn more about the recovery process. 

With adorable little drawings and artistic compositions, as well as sharing quotes and cute comics from other Instagram pages, you can learn about healing, how to practice compassion for yourself and learn to transmit love into yourself without causing hatred for your behaviours. This Instagram page focuses heavily on how to understand your emotions and how you can change your thinking style to be more loving to yourself. 

8 Mental Health Accounts To Follow On Instagram

These Instagram mental health accounts are just a few of the more helpful ones, and will definitely help to give some insight into unrecognised emotions. Who are some of your favourite mental health awareness and therapy accounts on Instagram? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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