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Men’s Winter Fashion Trends To Be On The Lookout For This Year

Winter is coming and you have to get up to date on what’s new in Men’s Winter Fashion. Men I know that you wanna impress this holiday season so these are a few fashion looks and trends to get you up to date. I think winter is a great time to be creative with your fashion because you can always layer up what you don’t like. It’s as simple of throwing a coat over it and the outfit changes completely. Hopefully, these trends help you look your best this winter.

Faux Fur Everything

Something new in Men’s Winter Fashion trends is wearing faux fur. If it’s a coat, a hat, or even shoes faux fur is in right now. It’s fashion-forward and stylish because it adds texture to any look you have got on. A fur coat is a perfect piece for your wardrobe if its fur-collared or fully faux fur it’s gonna look amazing. Not to mention it’s so comfy while also making you look like a million bucks. 

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Paperboy Hat

An easy accessory you can get anywhere is a paperboy hat and it’s very trendy now in Men’s Winter Fashion. Guys don’t sleep on this look because it’s not only attractive but super professional. It’s the perfect touch to your business casual look. You can wear it out to work or even just out on your daily routine. It keeps your head warm while also blocking your eyes from fall snow. It’s a must-have this winter season.

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Turtle Neck

More men should be wearing turtle necks and I’m happy to say that they are. This Men’s Winter Fashion is my absolute favorite as men start to experiment more in their outfits. Wearing a tight turtle neck tucked into your blue jeans with an overcoat on top. You can accessorize with a single chain to complete the look. It doesn’t have to be a tight turtleneck if you’re not comfortable with that. You could also get a loose-fitting knit sweater turtleneck for a softer more wholesome look. Experiment with your fashion and see what you feel confident in. 

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Denim jackets are great to wear for the winter if you know how to wear them. Sometimes you get a denim jacket and it’s great for the fall but then you move to winter and it’s not wearable because it feels too tight with your layers. Here’s a tip for that unfortunate situation, buy an oversized denim jacket. I know it sounds drastic but just getting the jacket size up or even two sizes up to account for whatever clothing you plan on wearing underneath is going to make a big difference. Denim jackets are very in right now for Men’s Winter Fashion because they are easy to wear and match. You’re gonna feel great when you want to wear your shirt and hoodie with a denim jacket on top and still have the mobility of your arms. Plus a denim jacket is not only a stylish addition to your outfit but also adds a comfortable extra layer to the look.

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Single Color Scheme

When choosing an outfit why not go for a look that is all the same color. For example, an all-black head to toe outfit is going to look so sleek especially in the wintertime. I use black as an example because sometimes it’s difficult to find full outfits in the same color. Black is the easiest color to do a single color themed look. Just be sure you are getting similar shades of black so the outfit doesn’t look too off.

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Trench Coat

Trench coats are a staple when it comes to Men’s Winter Fashion and that’s why they are still trendy. Trench coats are so easy to just throw on you’ll have no problem finding outfits to match a basic trench coat. Just getting a basic beige trench coat is going to make your look cohesive and clean. 

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Bright Colors

Incorporate more bright colors to your winter outfits. Not only is it going to make you pop against the white background of winter but it also gives you a fun persona. Don’t be afraid to stand out, that’s what clothing should do for you. Clothing is just another form of expressing who one is. When you add colors to your wardrobe it’s going to even give you a brighter outlook on things in general. If you surround yourself with things synonymous with brightness and light then you’re going to feel the same way too.

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See Also


Patterns are in if you do them correctly. Plaid is a great pattern to start off with if you are trying to enter a more printed wardrobe. When it comes to Men’s Winter Fashion you’ll be seeing plaid everywhere because it is easy to style and everyone can wear it. If it’s a jacket, hat, or scarf plaid is always going to be in. If you’re feeling adventurous enough get a full plaid suit and just go with it. Of course, you can just keep it simple by wearing a plaid shirt over top of a hoodie or sweater. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing you’re going to look confident also. 

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You already layer your clothes during the wintertime, why not make it fashion. When you layer your outfit then you are adding texture and dimensions to the silhouette of your look. You can layer your clothes by adding an opened button-up shirt over your sweater and then a scarf on top of that. Another look is by adding a graphic tee shirt over your turtle neck sweater and then adding chains and a jacket over top that. There are so many options when it comes to layering outfits and if you do it just right you’re going to look very trendy. Just don’t go overboard when layering or else it’ll look cluttered and feel uncomfortable. 

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Casual Suit

Let’s normalize men wearing suits on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be a three-piece tuxedo but just simple dress pants and a blazer goes a long way. There’s nothing more attractive than a guy casually wearing a clean suit to work or a date. You’re going to look at feeling fresh and it’s already a combo so it’s easy to match and put together. Most of the time guys feel their best and most confident when they are wearing a suit so why not feel that all the time? I have seen more guys in fashion and on social media wearing suits as if it were their everyday attire and it looks incredible. 

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Which of these Men’s Winter Fashion looks did you like best? Let us know in the comments! Make sure to share this with your friends so they can look great for winter.
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