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15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool

15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool

Summer is quickly approaching, and it is time to sport the clothes that will have you looking and feeling cool this Summer. There are outfits for events, for the beach, and even for summer dates. Men, below we will show 15 men’s summer outfits to stay cool in the scorching hot sun.

1. Cool Down Open Jacket Look

We all know that summer evenings start to get breezy, but it is still too warm to cover your legs entirely. For nights like this, we suggest you throw on a nice open jacket to compliment the rest of your attire. An open jacket, t-shirt, and cargo shorts will bring up your summer swag while keeping you comfortable for the weather. Here is how to get the look below. T-shirts are fairly inexpensive, and you will definitely find a great-priced shirt when you buy from Old Navy. Old Navy also has a great selection of cargo shorts for an outstanding price.  Forever 21 has a great light-weight jacket in various colors for an affordable price to help complete this look. Finally, if you are interested in shoes for your outfit, white canvas Adidas will do the trick. 

15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool


2. Denim Jacket Casual

This look is for days that are not too hot, and you can wear it while you are out and about. A jean jacket over a t-shirt and straight-legged jeans give off a casual, laid back look. To obtain this cool casual look, try a denim trucker jacket from Target over any t-shirt you have and pair it with Ultra-Flex Medium Wash Straight Leg Jeans from Rue 21. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Looking and Feeling Cool

3. Tank with Distressed Shorts 

Summer is all about keeping cool, enjoying the sights, and being comfortable. This look is nothing short of that. Pair a favorite tank top with distressed shorts from Aéropostale. Don’t forget your white kicks from Perry Ellis to complete your look. 


15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Feeling and Looking Cool

4. Button Up Shirt and Cargo Casual

Throw on a t-shirt or tank under a collared button-up shirt and pair it with a pair of Slim Ultimate Chino Shorts from Old Navy to achieve this cool, laid-back summer look. White canvas shoes and a pair of sunglasses will complete the outfit and have you feeling and looking great on summer evenings. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Feeling and Looking Cool


5. Button Up Shirt with Twill Pants 

Cool off on summer evenings and days with a thin button-up shirt from Nautica and a khaki pair of twill pants from Old Navy. Add an accent hat and some Birkenstocks, and you are set for a date on the beach, a bonfire, or any other laid back Summer event. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Feeling and Looking Cool

6. Semi-Formal Beach Event wear

During the summertime is when most weddings often take place. Sometimes there will be parties at the beach, or someone may have a home on the beach and have a party in the back on the beach. If you are looking for casual attire that works for both a beach wedding or party but is not too hot or formal, this look is for you. Try a soft washed v-neck t-shirt from Old Navy and a skinny fit blazer from H&M. Grab a pair of shorts from Old Navy or Target as the style below is frequently found in many locations. For shoes, throw on some Leeward Boat Shoes from DSW, and your look is near completion. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits That will Leave Him Looking and Feeling Cool

7. Pastel Summer Trunks 

This look is a laid back beach look you will find on every beach, pier, and summer location you find yourself. Sporting a good pair of swim trunks that you feel comfortable in and cool in is a plus. Add a white patterned button-up shirt from Kohls and sunglasses and you are ready to hit the beach in style. Try a pair of Highline Vortex board shorts from QuickSilver for comfort, style, and be surf-ready. 

*15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool

8. Laid Back In Cool Denim Swag

Button-down shirts are a given for men’s summer outfits, but try one with a design instead of a solid color and leave it loosely buttoned to keep yourself cool on hot summer days.  Try a button-down shirt from Kohls paired with real denim slim cut off shorts from Aéropostale. Add a pair of Nothing New High Top Sneakers or your favorite high-top canvas shoes, and you are ready for a cool summer drive on the coast!

*15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool

9. Summer Blues

This summer, you can dress in cool colors and stay cool in shorts, all while coordinating your men’s summer outfits. You can look hot while being cool in this blue-themed attire. Keep in mind you do not have to wear blue; this is just an example of putting together a fun and cool summer day outfit. To get a similar look below, try a graphic t-shirt from Hot Topic. Hot Topic has a lot of various themed graphic tees to choose from. Pair the graphic tee with a pair of men’s shorts from Old Navy and Hawthorne Slip on Classics from

15 Men's Summers Outfits to Keep Looking and Feeling Cool

10. A Summer Vest Semi-Casual

Vests are typically associated with events but remember you can wear a vest for a date or hanging at a coffee shop on the pier this summer. Vests can keep you cool or dress up a less formal outfit. Adding a vest to your outfit can change the entire look in seconds. Try a plain white t-shirt underneath a  denim vest from, and a pair of cargo shorts topped with a hat and sunglasses of your choosing. Try pairing a white hard canvas shoe of your liking with this look to bring the ensemble together. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Looking and Feeling Cool

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11. Striped Tank and Denim Cargo

Pair a striped tank top to add color with light blue or white denim shorts or cargo shorts. Add a loafer or Toms shoe that matches or is a similar color to your tank top to complete the ensemble. A clean, simple, and cool look for the summer are easily achieved with this look. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits That Have Him Looking and Feeling Cool

12. Summer Formal Date Wear

Summer nights, weddings, and other events call for formal wear. However, you still want to keep cool, but look your best. Try the look below to achieve a hot but cool summer outfit for your date. Try a button-down shirt, a tie, a corduroy blazer or jacket, and cut-off beach shorts. Finish the look with a pair of white toms or boat loafers

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Feeling & Looking Cool

13.  Summer Wedding Attire

Another way to get attention and look great this summer is to get a little bold in a pastel color. Try a coral, light pink, or pastel blue color scheme for the next wedding you attend. You will grab people’s attention in a good way and stay cool on a hot day. Get this look from, and don’t forget a white canvas shoe and a white tank or t-shirt!

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Feeling and Looking Cool

14. Summer Casual Vest and T-Shirt 

Sometimes you want something that is lightweight but looks like it is heavier and formal. A semi-formal yet casual look, this is perfect for the beach, to hang out on the piers, and go shopping downtown. Pair the t-shirt vest with a pair of shorts or cargo pants, your favorite loafer or sandals, and you are ready to rock. You can pair this shirt vest with just about anything and create many different men’s summer outfits. Get the vest here!

*15 Men’s Summer Outfits To Have Him Feeling And Looking Cool

15. Beachy Cool 

Pair a great pair of colorful swim trunks with a lightweight button-down shirt, and you can hit the beach with ease. No need to wear a t-shirt or tank top. You can get a 3/4 sleeve button-down shirt, keep it loosely buttoned, rock your colorful shorts, and add slip-on shoes for when you are done walking on the beach or hitting the water. Grab a great pair of trunks from PacSun and try a lightweight Hawaiian casual linen shirt from AliExpress with a pair of Vans Love You Classic Slip Ons. 

15 Men's Summer Outfits to Have Him Looking and Feeling Cool

Which of these men’s summer outfits is your favorite? Make sure to save and share this article with all the men in your life looking for some new men’s summer outfits!

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