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8 Men’s Styles For Fall

8 Men’s Styles For Fall

Men’s styles are tricky, especially when fall is coming up. There are few options, and ideas can sometimes be overdone. So we came up with our top 8 Men’s Styles For Fall. 

1. Old Man Sneaks

Starting from the bottom is crucial for men’s fashion. There is nothing that shows if a guy knows what he is doing in fashion then when you look at his shoes. If you are looking to up your men’s styles and trends for the fall, a dad shoe is the way to go. These kicks will make the most fashion-less guy look like he knows what he’s doing. Think ironic fashion of yore (like the old bacon campaign of 2012) and update it by a million. Just please don’t wear them with cargo shorts unless you know what you are doing. 


2.High Ankle Joggers

Hey did you know fashion can be comfortable and stylish? This fall, and hopefully for a long time, high ankle joggers are happening. Don’t be alarmed by the name, a jogger is basically a sweatpant, and yes you can rock them. All you need a slim leg jogger that you just don’t pull down to your ankle. Pair it with those awesome socks you save for work and BAM! you look like you’re ready for Fall. 

3.Sling Bags

It’s not a backpack, fanny pack, or a briefcase. This bag is something that is small enough to go everywhere with you and big enough to actually help you carry stuff. No one wants spine damage from sitting on their wallet and phone and now you don’t have to. This Fall, people are wearing it everywhere, so no need to forget anything at home.


4.Layered Jackets

Most guys own a hoody, but this Fall in men’s styles adding a few more layers is for sure in. Take a basic T-shirt, add a solid colored hoody, finally add a more structured jacket. You will be warm, and look like you spent a million dollars on your outfit. 


5.Original Baseball Hats

This Fall men’s hats are going back to basics. Not much structure but fun prints. Think of your Dad’s old baseball hat but update it with a new slogan or print. Even those basic colors are in as long as the hat is just a standard baseball hat. Bonus it will rarely go out of style. 

6.Split Leg Trousers

If you are looking for a style that can go from work to a night out then the slit leg trouser is for you. It is everything that men’s styles have always been but with an edgy twist. These pants have a basic structure of dress pants, but they have the option to be leather or green tiger print. Just like the baseball hat above, it is simple designs with bold patterns and colors. 

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7. Long Line Puffer Jackets

In a colder climate puffer jackets are a must, and now they are in style for the 2019 Fall fashion. The jackets are usually a little longer than a normal jacket and are styled open. This creates a different shape on the body to make the wearer look taller and broader. Pair this with literally anything in the above list and you will be an A-lister this Fall. 


8. Bold Striped Sweater

The bold stupid sweater is a less risky and sample for men’s fashion. This garment never goes out of style, is easy to wear and makes every man look sharp. Make sure you stick with two or three colors that are basic in the stripes if you want this swearer to last until it gets to honey to wear.  


Did you like any of these styles? Leave us a comment below which one is your favorite. 

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