Men’s Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

With the Fall collection’s fashion week parade coming to an end, we can easily foretell that 2019 will be an interesting year in fashion. Huge comebacks from the 90s and futuristic innovations all contributed to creating the fresh vibe that characterizes 2019. Some things, though, never change, and regardless of time moving forward, they remain stable in their unchanging elegance, class, and style. This is the case of some men’s fashion brands, which are to us not only the best brands for 2019 but also evergreen fashion pillars. To give you a taste of what we’re talking about, here’s the men’s style guide every man should know by heart and draw inspiration from. You’re welcome!


When we think Burberry, we think coats, coats, coats, and coats. Burberry has always been – and will always be – the main style reference for anything from light trenchcoats to heavy wool coats. Iconic and universally famous is Burberry’s plaid raincoat, which regardless of its old age is still a staple piece.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is your destination if you’re looking either for an incredibly well-fitting and perfectly-washed pair of jeans or an impeccable formal suit. Make sure to check out its underwear collection too: in 2019, everybody will be wearing Calvin Klein under their suits.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019


Not only Levi’s 501 jeans made history, but they also are a fashion staple nowadays. Given the huge vintage wave that is now hitting the fashion world, vintage denim and vintage jeans are now back in the trendy zone. And Levi is obviously riding such wave.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s suits follow a preppy, classy and traditional style, and in this, they are the best on the market. Clean cuts and eventual flamboyant patterns – of ties, mainly – are the main ingredients to creating such a unique style.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

Saint Laurent

Just like its Women’s line, Saint Laurent’s Men’s fashion is an ode to sleek fits and edgy vibes. Its suits are aggressive, refined and chic and black is the main protagonist of the scene. Though it caters to every man, its lines and shapes are better on a slim-build man.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019


Borsalino is par excellence the king of hats. Known for its gangster-style fedora hats, this Italian brand has no equals in terms of manufactured hats. Nowadays, with hats being of absolute relevance in fashion, Borsalino is definitely one of the best brands of 2019 for accessories.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone speaks the casual-chic language, and every man should listen and learn. From high-quality sweaters and cardigans to fabulously shaped coats, Rag & Bone is your destination for everyday clothes.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019


Lacoste is known for the iconic crocodile logo on its polos and sweaters, and with the brand-obsession slowly coming back, Lacoste is going to be big again. Aim at Lacoste for cotton sweaters and pastel polos to wear with jeans or khaki pants for a trendy, vintage look.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019


Aside from its actual fashion line, which is always the embodiment of class and elegance, Hermès is particularly important for its eau de toilette scents. “Terre d’Hermès” is a perfume every man should wear once in their life: its earthy and spicy undertones make it the ultimate man’s cologne.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is famous for its clothing line, but we want to praise him specifically for its shoes. The designer Salvatore Ferragamo himself started as a shoemaker and studied anatomy in order to create the perfect fit. It’s no surprise, then, that Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are among the absolute best in the market – and they’re Italian, too.

Men's Style Guide: Best Brands For 2019

If you want to be trendy in 2019, make sure to follow and draw inspiration from these all-time famous fashion houses! What are your favorite man’s brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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