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Men’s Nikes Perfect For Taking A Run

While it’s tragically ironic that at the time of writing this it is currently 6 degrees Fahrenheit in my area, there is never a bad time to invest in your own fitness. A great way to do just that is to snatch yourself a shiny new pair of Men’s Nikes to aid you in your runs. Whether you desperately need to replace an old pair or you want to buy a brand new pair just to give yourself the kick in the butt you need to get going, here is a collection of the best Nikes for running that will help you parse the overwhelming quantity of footwear out there. Happy Shopping!

Nike Downshifter 10

Here we have the least expensive base price for a running shoe on Nike’s website. Sales are fleeting, and this shoe is timeless. This one’s all substance, no flash. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive and understated shoe, this may be the one for you. While the shoe ranks exceptionally high in comfort, many users reported that it tends to run small, a recurring problem with a lot of Nikes. You might want to consider ordering one size higher, or you may want to opt for the extra wide version.

Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase

Here’s another fairly simple design that puts comfort and ease of access front and center. It features a zip closure secured by a Velcro strap, meaning slipping these kicks on and off is a breeze. This design scored the highest possible marks in comfort, and one user reported that the strap and zipper were essential for getting these on easily after they had suffered a broken collarbone. If you need comfort and accessibility, look no further!

Nike Juniper Trail

This one’s for the fathers out there, because this design just screams “Dad” to me. This shoe looks like it’s equally appropriate for a cross-country hike and for throwing burgers on the grill while wearing an apron that says “kiss the cook.” If you want to get in touch with your inner corny patriarch, this might be the move. Plus one user raved about this shoe’s traction in the snow, so this could be a great option for runs in the harsh Winter months.

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

Alright, I am absolutely fascinated by this design. Coming in at a whopping $275, this shoe has a lot to live up to. Several users reported that it significantly improved their mile times, so I suppose it did live up to the price. If speed is your priority and you have some money to burn, this shoe might be the one. Of all the Men’s Nikes we’ve seen so far, this one really shouts “Look how fast I am!” Maybe that’s your thing.

Nike Wildhorse 6

Now if you’re someone who likes their Men’s Nikes to look like some sort of Croc from outer space, then I’ve got some got news for you. These bombastic trail runners are perfect for anyone who wants the support they need for those all-terrain runs without sacrificing flair. I mean, who wouldn’t want a shoe whose first listed colors are kumquat and atomic pink? Users favored this shoe’s versatility, so you can show off these flamboyant bad boys anywhere!

Kyrie 7 “Rayguns”

Now I know, I know. These aren’t dedicated running shoes, they’re basketball shoes. However, unless you play basketball like me (half-court only, no defense) you’re going to be doing a lot of running on the court. I simply couldn’t ignore such a striking design. These shoes says “I’m the baddest man on Kyrie Irving’s flat earth.” Plus the design is customizable, so you have plenty of options for expressing yourself.

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “Tie-Dye”

Alright, only one more basketball shoe, I promise. I just had to give this shoe a mention because they made me say out loud “What in the world?” If you like your Men’s Nikes the way you like your Dippin’ Dots, then this pair should be a real treat. Honestly though, these are listed at $350, so I’m actually not recommending them at all. I just want everyone to look at them. What a design. What a shoe.

See Also

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

We’re back on track now with one of the best running shoes you can buy. With over 800 reviews, this shoe boasts a robust 4.8 stars out of 5. The combination of comfort, padding and aesthetic is nearly unrivaled. You know you’re getting one of the best products on the market with these. I must warn you though, one user said these shoes squeak so much they make you sound like SpongeBob. Is that the worst thing though? It sounds whimsical to me.

Nike College Zoom Pegasus 37

If you’re a proud alumnus of a certain big university, this is absolutely the shoe for you. Available for other select universities like Penn State and Georgia, if you want your Men’s Nikes to show off your school pride, then these shoes have you covered. While reviews for the different variants were fairly scarce, they were almost all 5 stars. You simply can’t go wrong with this design (assuming they offer one for your school).

Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 By You

Why not end this list with the ultimate blank slate? If you want maximum agency over your Men’s Nikes, then this is your best bet. You can customize the look of nearly every part of the shoe and you have two sizes of midsole to choose from. The shoe itself is stretchy and supportive, allowing for natural motion that remains comfortable. If you’ve looked at all these other designs and thought to yourself “I could do better” then here’s your chance! Customize to your heart’s content.

There you have it! I hope this collection of Men’s Nikes was helpful for making an informed purchase. There are just so many shoes out there that it can be really overwhelming to start your search. If you purchased any of these products, let us know!

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