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5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

So you’ve gone rogue and decided to grow out your hair but aren’t sure which men’s hairstyles will suit you best? This list might give you a better idea of what to try as your hair is getting longer. Just don’t give up, there will be days where you are sick of the long hair during that awkward phase of it being too long to spike up but not long enough to slick all the way back. Just stay strong and know one day it’s gonna look fire.

1. Man bun

A modern classic this hairstyle has become. One the cover of every hipster magazine you’ll ever see. If you wear this look along with some plaid and some craft beer you’ll be iconic. Your hair has to get pretty long for you to be able to tie it all the way into a bun, but once you get there you’ll want to try this look, no matter how much you’ve made fun of man buns to go against the grain. This is more of a casual look, I wouldn’t recommend this look to a fancy event or a job interview of any kind, it is definitely less on the formal side.

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

2. Slick back

An easy look to pull off even if you haven’t grown your hair out too long. You can rock this look for a long time while you’re growing it out, it’s a great medium before you get into the ponytails or the man buns or anything of that nature. All you have to do is shower, and while your hair is still a bit damp, run some pomade or gel into it and slick it back. Try with a comb or brush to add some texture to the hair and you’ll be looking fresh. Depending on how much gel you put it, you can make this look nice and casual for a fun day, or add some shine to it and put on your suit for formal occasions. Its an extremely versatile hairstyle with a lot of potentials.

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

3. Long undercut

If you love the top part of your hair, but you’re annoyed by all the hair around your ears and around your neck, this is the new look for you. This can spice up some long hair, and give it a whole fresh look. You just have to cut the sides and the back and keep, or trim the top part and boom, you have the long undercut. Compares to the other men’s hairstyles, this is a pretty bold one, but if you’re confident enough to rock it, then good for you. Depending on how you style it, this look could be the most eye-catching men’s hairstyle around.

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

4. Long textured waves

What a fun and charming look. Of the men’s hairstyles so far, this one can be achieved with medium-long hair and longer. It works best with hair that’s naturally curly, but you can still make your own curls if you would like with a brush and a hairdryer. This is more of a casual look as well, but depending on how you style it, I’m sure you ould find a way to rock this look to a wedding. If you’re rocking this look, I hope you’re ready for superhero references like Thor or Aqua Man…

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair

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5. Ponytail

Another classic look, the ponytail is the easiest one of the men’s hairstyles to pull off if you’re in a rush or are too lazy to style your hair whatsoever! This reliable hairstyle is just as versatile as the slick back look. Feeling casual? Tie it up in a loose pony and go about your day. Feeling fancy? Tie a tight knot and apply some gel to have that shine and a tight pony that you can wear with a suit. A classic look for any occasion.

5 Men’s Hairstyles You Can Rock If You Have Long Hair


These are our favorite men’s hairstyles for men with long hair! Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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