Men’s Gym Clothes: Do’s And ABSOLUTE Don’ts

The Latest And Hottest Men's Gym Clothes You Need To Work Out Like A Pro

So you are at the gym, and you see a guy wearing a bandanna, don’t talk to him. You won’t want to anyway. You see a guy at the gym and he is wearing sunglasses. Don’t talk to him. If he is wearing relaxed and comfortable gear, he is a guy that has been in the gym quite a lot, have experience. Go ahead and speak with him and get some details about a workout routine or simply to shoot the shit. What you wear is clear indicators of who you are. Pull the right people towards you with the Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Gym Clothes.

Guy wearing tank top at gym

Don’t wear a sun-visor

Especially backward, don’t do it. This is no longer the 90’s. Though this used to be cool, it is not any longer. Maybe it will come back in the future but for now, it is extinct.


Guys, don’t wear earrings

Especially paperclips. You’re there to workout. Not look glamorous.

Don’t wear sandals

For the love of Walter, it even says it on the sign before you walk in. Don’t wear sandals, you’re going to bust your toes open with that 5-pound weight you’re lifting.


Don’t wear dress shoes

I know it is hard to balance work and gym, don’t wear dress shoes, they are going to mess up your feet when you’re working out, your footing is where you get stability. This I a must know in your Men’s Gym Clothes Do’s and Don’ts

Do wear comfortable shorts that are as short as you want

You are at the gym, you need a range of movement. Wear shorts as short as you want. Just make sure nothing falls out. Wear them extra short. Extra extra short. It doesn’t matter.


Do wear long or short tanks

What one wants is a range of movement. Wear a tank, it allows your shoulder joint to go in any direction it wants. Just don’t pull anything with all that range of motion you now have at your disposal.

Do not wear baseball gloves as workout gloves

This goes for football gloves too. Think this speaks for itself. You’ll get useless chatter and be that guy everyone talks about. Maybe sometimes you want to be that guy but not that guy who wears baseball gloves to the gym because you think it gives you an upper hand on the weight. It tinkly does but it is also socially unacceptable.

Wear workout gloves

Buy a pair of workout gloves to reduce blisters and push the maximum weight.


Don’t wear a bandanna

Who wears a bandana anymore? Maybe after the gym if you own a motorcycle.

Do not wear sunglasses in the gym

Unless you are stoned and need protection. Even then you’re going to look rather weird. Don’t do it.

Do wear boxer briefs

Everything should be held together nicely and nothing should fall out of place.


What to wear to the Gym?

Do not wear boxers

You are around very heavy weights and pully machines. You want to make sure everything is in its proper place. You may not end up with children if this goes any way we do not want it to.

Do not wear pajamas

I know you just woke up but don’t wear what you slept in last night. It will not do you very much good. You’ll look lazy and like a typical college student deprived of sleep.


Do not wear belly cut shirts for guys

Don’t wear the shirt that is cut at your belly. Unless you’re gay, in which case disregard this post. We love the way you rock a belly cut shirt.

Don’t wear a sweatband

These went out with the ’90s as well.


Do wear short or long socks

Socks size doesn’t matter as much as other sizes do matter. Just make sure to wear something to have grip and space from the inside of your shoe.

Do not, not wear socks!

Do not go without socks in your shoes. The people around you do not want to smell your feet or the insides of your shoes. Especially if you’re sweating.

Don’t go barefoot

I think this says it all. Sasquatch style is negative.


Do not go shirtless

We know you’re swole daddy but keep it to the locker rooms.

Best, Workout Outfit

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Do not swim in your underwear

You are the reason they shut down college and community pools. Your underwear is not swimming trunks.

Do not wear a wallet chain when you workout

What if it gets caught somewhere. You’re there to work out, not to be fashionable.

Do not wear exact matching attire as your workout buddy

Unless you’re filming for a movie and this is needed, which is unlikely, do not match. Unless you guys are a guy in which case, disregard this. We love matching gay guys.


Do not wear rings

Wearing rings may cause damage if you are lifting weights. This is a lesson in Men’s Gym Clothes Do’s and Dont’s

Do not wear silly hats at the gym

We know you’re a prankster but don’t wear hats that look wild.


Do not wear dress shirts

I know you want to look good but this is not the way to do it. Leave the button-down shirts at home.

Do not wear necklaces

If this gets caught in a machine this wouldn’t be good. Keep them at home.

Do not wear overalls

I don’t think anyone has seen someone working out in overalls and it should be kept this way.


Do wear normal running and athletic shoes

This is likely the most important rule in the Do’s and absolute Don’ts of Men’s Gym Clothes. Be sure to be comfortable and dressed your part for the gym.

Do wear clothes that are specially geared towards gym training

Go ahead and buy you some LuLu lemons. That will satisfy your every Men’s Gym Clothes desire.


Do wear normal comfortable shirts

That is a change huh? Wear something normal, this will allow you to get your workout done in a clean manner.

Following gym etiquette, guys, we can avoid those social loopholes that could send us in awkward directions. Here are your Do’s and absolute Dont’s of Men’s Gym Clothes. They are laws entrusted to keep you from social embarrassment and keep your focus in the gym. With these in your head, you will now be in style and emanate more than enough gym games to yourself and the world.