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10 Mens Fashion Trends For Spring 2021

Men’s fashion for 2020 introduced some wild colors, the idea of luxurious, comfortable clothing, and a natural vibe to the structure and colors being used within the designs. The Fashions for 2021 have taken these ideas and transformed them; crafting handsome, luxurious comfortable clothing with an edge. Here’s to Springs hottest trends. 

1. Less is More

For Spring/Summer 2021, Menswear is seeing a minimalist approach to many designs. The beauty of this clothing is in its simplicity, functionality, and comfort. At the runway shows for SS ‘21, we saw designs over and over again that embodies these traits. From Prada and Jill Sander to Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Lin Tran with Lemaire. Think comfortable loungewear that is acceptable (nearly) everywhere. 

2. Bomber Jackets

Bombers are back again for SS ‘21. What makes bombers great is they come in many designs and styles and compliment every body type. Taking inspiration from the classic aviator jacket and the colors of the 1970s, the styles this year are masculine, unique, and neat. Prada and Hermes showcased cropped uniform bombers and Gucci’s collection had numerous bombers shown on their runways. 

3. Earthy Plaids

Earth tones are a major trend this year and are being seen in design after design. Plaids are just another fashion trend for Spring 2021 that are being worn in these colors. Throughout fashion week we saw sunny yellows mixed with the likes of egg yolk, peach, khaki, and sandstone colors. From accent pieces to statement jackets, plaids are everywhere this season. 

4. Spring Florals

Florals, For Spring? Groundbreaking! For Spring/Summer ‘21 the floral look is taking a more masculine approach, less floaty and feminine. We’re embracing the Aloha Prints and masculine color pallets for a fresher looking floral. Tom Ford is showcasing bright and bold hibiscus patterns- drawing inspiration from 1970s wallpapers, while Fendi, Burberry, and Giorgio Armani are taking hints from abstract florals. Florals can be easily worn, an abstract pattern will make less of a screaming impression, fitting with a multitude of other trends for the year. 

5. Tailored Black Suits

Everyone needs a sleek, sharply cut black suit. This look continues to trend for Spring 2021 with razor-sharp lines and intricate details. We are seeing this look showcased by designers throughout the industry; Prada, Philipp Plein, Dsquared2, and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. Oversized black jackets, professional tailoring, and intricated details make up these beautiful suits, emanating a sense of mystery and sex appeal. 

6. Pastel Punches

Fashions for Spring 2021 are full of life and neutrals, natural colors. This includes pastels! Pastels work for spring. Always have, always will. We are seeing this trend pop up everywhere! Punches of pastel colors are a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe and create pieces that you will want to wear again and again. Pastels are being worn on any part of the body, from Bermuda shorts to oversized jackets- this trend is perfect for any piece of clothing. Prada has been showcasing sea-foam-tinted separates and Dijon Mustard pieces were seen strutting down the runway at the Gucci show. For SS ‘21, we will see dusty rose, muted mustards, and periwinkle pop up on all platforms. If you’re not wearing these colors, preferably together, you’re doing it wrong. 

7. Oversized Trench Coats

The Trench coat has been a springtime staple, from fashion season to fashion season. This year’s version of the Trench is oversized, with a twist. The trench coat this season is being worn with light tailoring and 1970s inspired colors. From midnight blue and Sandstone tones to dusty rose and mellow yellows, the oversized trench has been seen on every runway in every city. The oversized trench is meant to compliment accessories and clothing of all fits, wear yours with a pair of Bermuda shorts on your legs and chunky sneakers on your feet. Make a statement out of it! 

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8. Big, Bold Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts come and go with the changing of the fashion seasons. For Spring 2021, they have made their appearance again, with the general mood being over the top and softly hued. These well-tailored, brightly colored shorts have been seen in colors like seafoam green, lilac, and candyfloss, with designers across the globe showcasing the trend. Casablanca, MSMG, and Zegna are embracing pastel colors and brightly selected neons while designers such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana revealing muted patterns and intricate florals. The key to picking the right Bermuda shorts is to pick a pair that hits right above the knee and make a statement with any footwear and a statement Tee. 

9. Neon

Neons can be difficult to wear, but when worn right, they can really make an incredible, dynamic statement. Some of Fashions biggest brands are embracing the trend, creating fashion-forward romper suits, neon-flecked worked jackets and neon inspired separates. We are seeing the trends pop up on the runways of Dior, Hermes, and Homme Plisse Issey Miyake with American designers grabbing hold of the trend and taking it by storm. Neons are popping up in retailers and boutiques across the country and they just might be here to stay. Drawing inspiration from the tailoring of the 1970s and the color pallet of the 1980s, Bright, neon separates with muted tailoring and oversized jackets are the perfect combination of this season’s trends.

10. 1970’s Redux

Harry Styles is the epitome of fashion, drawing inspiration from the silhouettes and patterns of the 1970s. Thanks to celebrities like Harry and designers like Celine and Gucci, there has been a resurgence of 1970s styles within recent years and is not slowing down in the SS ‘21 season. High colored flared corduroys, wide-legged jeans, flocked suits, aviator shades, and cropped leather bombers, the 1970s redux is back with a vengeance.

These fashions are trending across the industry as designers continue to embrace earth tones, structure, and comfort. Throughout 2021 we are expected to continue to see influence from the 1970s and 80s with earthy colors and expert tailoring. Spring 2021 fashions are just the start of it all.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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