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Men’s Fall Fits Tips

Men’s Fall Fits Tips

Men’s Fall Fits Tips

Choosing fall fits is a yearly experience that most guys will either go through or avoid. You have plenty of stuff from last year, right? Well just because last year’s hoodie still fits doesn’t mean that you can’t step up your game and we’ll help you! Here are some tips on dressing well this fall.

1. Boots

As the weather begins to shift and the cold air comes in, it’s time to shed the regular tennis shoes or vans for something that covers the ankle as well. Especially if you’re living in the southeast where the cold season also means the wet season. Boots are a must-have fall fit accessory for guys whether for the constant mud or just to avoid chilly ankles. They are also mondo stylish and for all my short kings out there they can add a bit of height.

Boots, like any shoe, come in a variety. Try sporting some hiking boots if you prefer the whitewashed jeans look or find yourself as more of an outdoorsy type. For the skater boys who rock the vans or converse at all seasons try some combat boots that will pair nicely with some skinny jeans. If you have more of an urban style or can afford to dish it out Timberlands are a good purchase at any time of the year, although they aren’t the boot to be dragged through the mud.

If you are worried about how big boots look at the end of the leg don’t be. Boots look good whether they are over skinny jeans or tucked under boot cut jeans. However, they fit best under a pair of slim chinos. As a general rule of thumb if you are wearing a piece of tight clothing such as skinny jeans wear a larger shirt or jacket, this evens out the look and makes the shoulders appear broader. The same vice versa if you are wearing a muscle shirt opt for looser fitting jeans or chinos or it may give a constricted appearance with large boots.

Men's Fall Fits Tips

2. Jackets

Old is new when it comes to jackets. What I mean by this is vintage is always cool. When looking for a nice jacket or overcoat try thrifting around to find some classic fall fits. They are abundant in thrift stores and often there are some very unique finds.

Denim is back and don’t be afraid to wear it. Denim jackets are a fall fit that has returned from ages past due to their stylish appearance and light protection from the elements. A denim jacket may not be warm enough in winter but it’s a nice addition to a fall wardrobe. The other great thing about denim jackets are that they are fully customizable. If you have a design you’ve been wanting to try or you just want to get creative try painting the back!

Another older jacket that has come back into style is the bomber jacket. You know, like the type Tom Cruise has in Top Gun? These come in a variety of colors but are mostly found in olive or army green. They are abundant at most local thrifts and offer better protection from the elements than the denim jacket. These can be customized with added patches for a flair all your own!

Men's Fall Fits Tips

3. Pants

One of the best (or worst) parts of fall fits for men is the traditional shedding of shorts. Now, there are always the exception to this rule that will wear shorts into early winter or even throughout winter. Do not fall victim to their sinful ways. With that said, you need some new pants so let’s take a look!

It’s time for a shameless plug ladies and gentlemen. Target sells Goodfellow chino pants for $22.99 in every color necessary. Not only are the pants affordable but they fit very well and are extremely durable. If you are ballin’ on a budget and looking for affordable stylish pants look no further!

On another note, there are the timeless denim jeans, a fall fit must-have for any wardrobe since their invention. When it comes to jeans you have to invest, which means spending real money on name brands. It’s hard as a guy to find jeans that will fit the way you want them to. most jeans will fit clunky but if you invest in a nice pair of jeans that fit right they can last for years. If your old jeans are at their breaking point or you’ve been bustin’ out the squats this year, go ahead and make that investment. I promise you won’t regret it.

Men's Fall Fits Tips

4. Thrifting

As we have taken our journey into fall fits thrifting has come up quite a bit so we will now discuss what that entails. The thrift shop s an excellent source of fall fit clothes. There are plenty of local thrift stores that stay stocked with jackets and long sleeve shirts year-round. Take some time from your day to go thrifting with a few friends and you’ll be surprised by what you find.

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There are two major things to look for while thrifting for fall fits, Jackets and long sleeve shirts. Let me go ahead and say that you will almost never find a pair of pants at the thrift store that will fit correctly or look nice. Every once and a while you may find some interesting shoes in your size but these finds are few and far between. One of the most prevalent items at the thrift is jackets. Jackets are constantly donated and they are exactly what you need for a fall fit. The older the better!

Thrifting can be an extremely rewarding experience and a single haul can cost you under $30. Most thrift stores have days when they discount their already cheap items. Be sure to check in at your local thrift but it is usually on Wednesdays. More than that, check the color of the tags on clothes as they can mean further discounts by color labels.

Men's Fall Fits Tips

5. Accessories

Accessories can really pull a fall fit together. Chains, watches, and earrings are great examples of utilizing accessories to pull a look together. Jewelry is, of course, a big flex. Whether fake or real a little shine never hurt a style. It can be something as simple and useful as a hiking watch but it brings a fall fit some more zest.

If you aren’t one for jewelry or piercings, watches are a great way to draw attention to the hands and put the finishing touch on an outfit. If you are a more outdoorsy type than a hiking or diving watch will do the trick and look great with boots. If you like a more business or classic style than a classic watch is a good move. There are also a number of people who own smartwatches. If you own a smartwatch then a key investment to a fall fit is buying a leather band, rather than the rubber athletic wear version most come with. This little improvement is a big step up and well worth it.

If you do like jewelry then consider some silver, gold, or copper style chains or earrings. Chains or earrings are just a slight attention grabber that illicit a wholistic feeling for a fall fit. It’s just an evolutionary thing that humans are still attracted to shiny objects. If you’re looking to make real changes this fall consider getting a piercing to add some spice to your style!

Men's Fall Fits Tips

Do you plan on trying any of these fall fits? Share your opinions below!

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