10 Men’s Clothing Trends To Look Out For This Year

This year men are proving to be just as fashionable as women. From the runways of international fashion weeks to the streets of *insert your city here*. This year’s fashion is full of statement pieces, vintage finds, and interesting silhouettes. If you are wondering what you should be wearing this year, here is a list of 10 men’s clothing trends to look out for this year!

1. Cross-Bodies

Men have finally realized the perks of carrying a bag. You have somewhere to store your phone, keys, AND gum. Plus you have an extra opportunity to make your own fashion statement. This year men everywhere are rocking cross body bags. Many companies like Fila and Gucci have jumped on this trend and released their own bags for purchase. This trend has taken the old fanny pack and re-invented it into something trendy, useful, and downright stylish.

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2. Oversized Silhouettes

Over the years we have seen silhouette trends come and go. This year men have settled on the oversized silhouette look and I am here for it. This look is easy to achieve and so comfortable! This look is all about the balance between making sure your oversized shirt looks intentional and not just like you don’t know your own size. This trend is spread across all of men’s casualwear from jackets and sweaters to shirts and pants. This is one of the best men’s clothing trends.

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3. Athleisure

Athleisure has been sweeping the fashion world for a few years now inspiring things such as business casual attire at the office. This year we can see this trend in the form of accents in an overall look. This trend is achieved by adding athletic shoes or an athletic pant or top to your outfit. Pair these athletic choices with a contemporary jacket or pants to make this look pop.

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4. Military Men

A for sure trend for men’s fashion this year is military men! Men everywhere are rocking military-inspired looks as a part of the daily wardrobes. This trend includes things such military jackets, combat boots, army vests and backpacks, and military-inspired hats. These looks are comfortable and utilitarian making them the perfect fashion statement this year.

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5. High Waisted Pants

Fashion has always been a cycle and this year the high waisted pants and shorts of the ’70s are back. High waisted pants and shorts have been a trend for a while now in women’s fashion but it is finally time for men to take a turn. These high waisted pants and shorts are a must-have look for this year. This look is flattering and easy to pull off for many body types. The best part is you can achieve these looks for cheap by hitting up your local vintage stores!

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6. Prints

This year is the year of the statement piece in the fashion world and that includes men’s fashion. An easy way for men to make a statement with their daily wardrobes at any time of the year is a strong print! Men everywhere are rocking Hawaiian and vintage-inspired prints to spice up their looks. Throw on a loud printed shirt, a pair of ripped blue jeans, and some athleisure shoes and you are good to go.

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7. Suits

This trend is one of my all-time favorites for this year. Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up and look sharp. This trend is all time classic and can make any man look clean, sharp, and fashion forward. To make this look even more trendy, choose a suit made out of a loud print or vintage check and pair it with some athleisure shoes. Even though it is a suit, feel free to rock this look as a part of your daily wardrobe. You don’t need a reason to look good! This is one of the best men’s clothing trends.

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8. Faux-Fur

As I said, this year is the year of statement pieces in the fashion world. For a powerful statement add some faux fur to your daily looks. Faux fur is a great way to elevate an outfit and make you look even more stylish. For a subtle look, choice a piece that has a faux-fur trim. For a more dramatic look (which we all love) choice a piece that features the faux fur more, like a faux for jacket or coat. Make more of a statement by choosing a faux fur in a bright color!

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9. Denim

A HUGE trend in men’s fashion this year is denim. With the rise in popularity of vintage aesthetics, denim has made a big comeback. This trend is most commonly employed by an oversized denim jacket thrown over your daily look. To make this look even more stylish, pair your vintage denim jacket with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Denim on denim looks have been trending this year and will take your look to the next level.

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10. Vintage Checks

Vintage aesthetics have made a massive comeback in the fashion world, including men’s fashion. This year, again being the year of statements, you can see men everywhere adding vintage checks to their daily looks. This trend includes things such as vintage plaid coats and a pair of vintage check pants. The most popular use of this trend employs earth tones and neutrals to make your look even more stylish. This is one of the hottest men’s clothing trends.

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Which of these men’s clothing trends are you going to try? Let us know below.

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