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Men’s Athleticwear Brands To Be Aware Of

Men’s Athleticwear Brands To Be Aware Of

*Men’s Athleticwear Brands To Be Aware Of

After being at home due to COVID19, we might have put on a few pounds that we would like to burn off with these men’s athleticwear brands to feel extra great and confident at the beach or at a pool party. 

1. Nike

Founded in 1964 in Eugene, Oregon, Nike has become one of the world’s leading brands that has been recognized by sports leagues and athletes from all over the globe. The quality and diversity Nike carries are a part of the reason why it has become popular over the decades. Nike covers nearly every sport that needed accessories or clothing for making it a brand everyone became familiar with. But its history in the footwear scene contributed to its amazing success that everyone just could not get enough of. On the basketball court, back in the late 1900s, Nike had begun getting recognized for their footwear that basketball pros were wearing. Soon the collaborations began with stars such as Michael Jordan, who created a very successful line for himself and the brand. Amazing clothing and accessories for working out also came with footwear that everyone could not get enough of. The rich history Nike has created is full of excellence whether that be in clothing or footwear. On they offer hundreds of items that are available to purchase that will help you feel more comfortable with your workout and are a great men’s athleticwear brands to consider when shopping for exercise clothes.


2. Gymshark

With 5 million dollars and counting on Instagram and has become a men’s athletic wear brand that has gotten the attention only through social media. There are no locations to shop at but on your phone, Gymshark has been around for 7 years and has had a large success through workout gurus and lifestyle influencers that have helped the brand blossom into what it is today. Ryan Garcia, the world’s third-best active lightweight boxer, is a huge supporter of the men’s athletic wear brand. On Instagram, you are able to see Ryan Garcia train like the lightweight pro boxer that he is in Gymshark and get a first look at the clothing in action. The website offers a large variety of clothing in different styles and materials to choose from that will sell out quickly if you do not hurry. With only sales on special occasions, the brand manages to sell out on a regular basis making it a very popular and limited workout clothing brand to get your hands on. Gymshark also manages to have lower prices than other competitors and with endorsements by well-recognized socialites they make a great investment and reliable men’s athleticwear brands.

3. Under Armour

Pro basketball player Stephen Curry brought the spotlight to Underwear recently as his road to stardom began at the Golden State Warriors. As his success on the courts was being seen, the men’s athletic wear offered to collaborate with Mr. Curry and soon enough they did. The men’s athletic brand has created a line that is a direct path onto what Stephen Curry would wear. The sneakers you see pro basketball player Stephen Curry play ball in are by Under Armour. The men’s athleticwear brand offers amazing clothing for golf and basketball as well as other sports. You could be like Curry, either on the courts shooting some threes’ or you could be outdoor playing golf in Under Amour. The brand also offers a variety of sporty casual clothing pieces such as polos and bottoms made out of a lighter smooth material making it a great option for the outdoors. Underarmour has also gotten to collaborate with UCLA football for the uniforms making them a well-rounded brand for exercise with these men’s athleticwear brands. 


4. Adidas

The Largest manufacturer in Europe first began in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and is now the 2nd largest manufacturer right behind Nike. Adidas has been adopted by many of the soccer teams that are internationally recognized by the Major League of Soccer. With a huge focus on soccer does not mean they do not carry other athletic wear you could put to use. A huge contribution to Adidas strides from Kanye West’s brand, Yeezy, that helped Mr. West hit billionaire status. With the brand offering a selection of shoes and exercise clothing there is no reason why this men’s athleticwear brand is the 2nd largest sportswear manufacturer. At a location or online you will be able to shop from every collection for the season to keep you in the latest exercise clothes. Adidas has become just as recognizable by the people just like Nike, its main competitor. The two brands have been around for a very long time which makes them two great brands to choose from when shopping for men’s athleticwear brands.

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5. LuluLemon Athletica   

A luxury exercise brand also known as LuluLemon, made its way down from Vancouver, Canada has been created for those who like to feel a little quality in their clothing. Lulu lemon is fairly new to the scene as it was created less than 25 years ago and has had a giant impact in the yoga community. Primarily focusing on yoga the brand offers much more with ranges from yoga equipment to clothing for men.  The clothing tends to have a higher price tag compared to its competitors but the quality and insurance the clothing comes with is worth all the lemons in the basket. Not only do they happen to have high-quality clothing but it was also ranked 6th on the best places to work in fashion retail. If you are looking for a larger selection of products, the website does a great job of showcasing all of the products that are available in-store but also only online. 


These men’s athleticwear brands do a great job of each specializing in an area of fitness but do an overall fantastic job as one. Hopefully, these brands will be some of the ones you will be working out in! Make sure to share with friends and family and comment what you think!