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Men Should Embrace Cross-Body Bags For These Reasons

Men Should Embrace Cross-Body Bags For These Reasons

There’s a rising trend coming back around for men: cross-body bags. Contrary to popular belief, these are more than just women’s accessories or silly-looking fanny packs. It’s becoming a real staple in the fashion industry for men and should be embraced for these reasons.

They’re Not As Heavy On Our Backs

Sure, having a backpack can work just as well as a cross-body bag. Some might even argue that the backpack is more “masculine.” However, “masculinity” (or the delirious idea of it) shouldn’t be the number one argument for lugging around unnecessary weight on our backs.


In reality, backpacks are for school, hiking, or some sort of trip that you plan to take. Nobody should be carrying bricks just go to the grocery store or to dinner with a friend. Frankly, it looks silly, and most backpacks are built for function rather than aesthetics. Cross-body bags are more fashionable.

Riding bikes, carrying your newborn in one of those insane harnesses, lifting heavy items at work, your back has been through enough. Having a backpack defeats the purpose of functionality if it’s only causing you discomfort in the process.

Even if your backpack isn’t loaded to the brim with stuff, the bulk of the bag still takes up space. It’s sitting in the passenger seat of your car or blocking the aisle on a bus or plane. A cross-body bag saves space and your back will thank you for opting for one.


They’re Great For Travel

Despite the pandemic, travel is still possible for many men. Whether it’s work-related or for leisure, having a cross-body bag is your best friend in these situations.

Flying somewhere is stressful. You’re checking in baggage, you’re looking for your passport, you can’t remember if you gave your keys to your partner or if they’re in the pocket of your jeans at home in the hamper. Cross-body bags are the solution to all of this.


With zippered compartments, you’ve got your flight tickets, travel documents, and itinerary right at your fingertips. You also don’t have to worry about trying to shove a bag into a compartment overhead without holding up the line behind you during boarding. It’s strapped to you already and you’re ready to take your seat and enjoy the ride.

Riding the subway and you need both hands to hold the rail? Strutting the streets of New York City and you need a hand out to hail a cab? Lost in a new country you’ve never been in and you’re fumbling with a map? You wouldn’t have to worry about any of this if you’ve got your cross-body bag on you.


Our Pockets Can’t Hold Everything

Men, it’s time to face the music. Our pockets are not endless abysses of receipts, tissues, pens, phones, wallets, and beer tokens. There are limits to what we can carry around with us.

The last thing we want to do is empty our pockets at the bar just to find our credit card to pay the tab. It’s embarrassing, and not a good look for us if we’re on a date with a potential partner. Walking down the street with a lump in your back pocket or sitting down to have your cell phone fall out–it’s all a recipe for disaster.

The good news is that cross-body bags are a great remedy for the situation. With accessible features, you can stay organized and keep everything in one place, as it should be. This way, your pockets are free to keep your hands in and you won’t have to worry about anything important getting ruined in the washing machine later.


Additionally, pockets are more prone to tearing compared to a cross-body bag. Over time, excessive wear creates holes and we risk losing the most important items. There’s no better haven for our belongings than something we can keep separate from our pants.

Women Aren’t The Only Ones With Essentials

Over many years, women have been the subject of jokes regarding how much they bring with them in their purses. Not only is this a sexist view, but it’s also very false. Men have just as many essentials as women do, even if they might be different.

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For men who don’t wear makeup, there’s still the need to bring essentials out and about like chapstick and sunscreen. Even lotion can be useful in outdoor situations. Women aren’t the only ones who carry these things around. Sometimes we need these things to take care of ourselves.

As men, we don’t just need self-care items, but we also need our bargains. We carry coupons, gift cards, tokens–anything we can use for a discounted meal or a drink. Men are also slobs at times. We get food stains and a spill of coffee or wine on our pants. Our breath doesn’t always smell great. Having a stain remover in our possession can work miracles. Even a pack of mints can come in handy.


When we’re bored, we need headphones. When our phone is dying, we need a charger. When we’re thirsty, a small water bottle is our saving grace. When it’s allergy season, we could use some tissues. When we’re hungry, a small snack can satisfy us. How the heck do we store all this? You know the answer by now.

They Look Amazing On Us

Forget function and practicality, cross-body bags are stylish as heck. We love to look good if it makes us feel good. The best part of these lifesavers is that they are full of variety.


They come in different colors and the straps can be braided for those of us who love a bold flare. If we’re a little more low key, they also come in neutrals and look sporty. We have options to match every style we’re drawn to.

Most of these bags will match whatever attire you carry, but even having one on you can look great for any occasion. You can wear them to a nice dinner date or even for a long bike ride through the town. Wherever you decide to go, having a cross-body bag on you is a necessity and deserves to be embraced.


Ready to buy one of your own? What are some of your favorite things about cross-body bags? Let me know down below in the comments!

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