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10 Men In Makeup Who Are Changing The Game

10 Men In Makeup Who Are Changing The Game

Men in makeup have changed the game in the beauty industry, defying the odds of gender roles. We all know the most popular men in makeup: Jeffree Star, James Charles, Manny Mua, but there are so many lesser known/undiscovered men out there who are killing it with their makeup skills. If you’re looking to follow more male makeup artists and enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 men in makeup you need to check out! 

1. Cameron White (@cameronwhitebeauty)

Cam is a young makeup artist who takes blending to a whole other level! He showcases his techniques in a variety of looks ranging from dramatic eyes to gorgeously detailed full-face paintings to simple looks that are still captivating. To say he knows how to work a brush is an understatement! You’ll be sure to find tons of inspiration from his Instagram page. 


2. Kenny Cain (@kennyccain)

Kenny is a Taiwanese based makeup artist whose looks are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. He’s making huge strides in the Asian community, and has mastered his skills in all things makeup. His looks are seriously so beautiful and mesmerizing. Take a look at his Instagram page and be captivated by his talent for yourself!

3. Jomar Alexis (@jomaralexis)

Yaaaaas, come through hunky men in makeup! Jomar’s gorgeous eye looks combined with his facial hair and tattoos definitely has me feeling some type of way. He’s beautiful with and without makeup. I mean, look at those cheekbones! They were made for highlight. 


4. Ali (makeupalii)

Make way, James Charles! Ali has entered the building (minus the controversies). Ali is a 20-year-old, self-taught makeup artist that does mind blowing and intricate makeup looks. If you love staring at art, you’ll definitely love staring at Ali’s face on Instagram!


5. Carlos Zaragoza (@makeupbycarlosr)

Carlos recently competed in Benefit Cosmetics’s annual Brow Search Contest, and made it into the Arch Academy with beauty influencer, Nikita Dragun, as his coach. Although he didn’t make it to the top 4, he still kills the brow game. His looks are always so snatched, and his brows are always on fleek! 

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6. Kaliff Jones (@makeup.messiah)

Kaliff calls himself “your local Naomi” and that he is! He channels Naomi Campbell’s unparalleled beauty through his makeup, and it gives me life. On his Instagram, you’ll find looks that he’s done on himself along with beautiful clients who have been painted by him. 

7. Terrell Benally (@beatbybenally)

Terrell is an up and coming makeup artist and enthusiast who deserves way more credit than he’s getting right now! He’s about to make some big moves within the Indigenous community with his killer makeup skills and creative ideas. 


8. Auguxta (@theauguxta)

Auguxta is a drag artist from the Philippines who can literally turn himself into anybody with the power of makeup! His looks come in a variety from transformations to drag to a full face glam beat. He’s crazy talented with his skills and credits RuPaul’s Drag Race and Patrick Starrr as the reasons he started to enjoy makeup. 

9. Chris Figueroa (@itschrisfigueroa)

Chris is a 20-year-old makeup artist who has mastered the art of cut creases. His looks are always so fun and fresh, and each time he posts a photo on Instagram, it’s met with much love and appreciation for his raw talent. 

10. Alexis (@elidoffad)

And on the third day, Jesus rose and said “beat thy face”. The Glam Jesus, Alexis, definitely proves there are no perimeters when it comes to beauty. I mean, that wig? SNATCHED. That beard? SNATCHED. He recently competed in Benefit’s Brow Search Contest as a member of #TeamDragun, and continues to kill the brow game. You need to check out his Instagram ASAP!

Who are some of your favorite men in makeup? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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