10 Memories Of Growing Up In Homer, NY

Here are 10 memories of growing up in Homer, NY. You’ll only understand them if you grew up in Homer, NY too.


One weekend between late January and early February, the town holds “WinterFest” with antique shows, a craft bazaar, outdoor winter activities, and a village-wide snowman contest. At the Intermediate school, kids can build snowmen in the school’s field the day before the contest during recess.

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In addition, WinterFest also includes a giant public bonfire hosted by the firemen and located in the lot behind the fire station. The Legion, which is nearby, also sells hot cocoa and snacks that night, and kids can participate in a dance in the Legion.

Memorial Day Parade

On Memorial Day, the town has a parade culminating with a ceremony in the cemetery to recognize soldiers. Kids bring lilacs and other spring flowers to the Monument for Veterans. After the twenty-one gun salute, the kids always run out onto the cemetery lawn to pick up the bullets, and they sometimes burn themselves on the hot bullets in their haste to be one of the first to get one.

The Legion

The Legion offers free hot dogs and popsicles after the Memorial Day parade and the kids ride bikes down the street from the cemetery to the Legion and eat popsicles on the front steps.

The Intermediate School Field Trip

In the Intermediate school, there’s usually an end of the year field trip where we walk to a local ice cream place from the school. (There are lots of ice cream stores in Homer, so options are plentiful.)

Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, there’s a public reading of the Declaration of Independence and a cannon is fired in the town’s green.

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Summer Reading Challenges

The public library hosts summer reading challenges and give away free books and sometimes t-shirts or backpacks.

Holiday in Homer, NY

In July, the town hosts Holiday in Homer, where craft vendors set up booths around the town green. The school usually sets up a dunk tank and kids can dunk different teachers and principals. A lot of school alumni come back for high school reunions during this weekend too.

Fall Football

In the fall, home games of Varsity football are very popular. The stands are usually packed, and the concession stand sells some of the best hot cocoa in the world, plus amazing chicken patties and cheeseburgers, and cups of hot noodles to warm cold fingers.

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December Light Display

In December, the hospice collects donations for a light display in memory of those the community has lost, and the choirs from fifth grade, the junior high, and the high school sing carols. Hot cocoa and cookies are provided and Santa rides in on a fire truck.

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