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10 Memories Of Growing Up In Concord, MA

10 Memories Of Growing Up In Concord, MA

Concord, MA is a special, also historic, town located about 40 minutes northwest of Boston. If you were lucky enough to grow up there, you'll relate to these 10 memories.

Concord, MA is a special, also historic, town located about 40 minutes northwest of Boston. If you were lucky enough to grow up there, you’ll relate to these 10 memories.

Swimming at Walden Pond

Tourist trap? A little. But what was summer without trying to dodge the tourists and sneak in without paying the obscene fees they charge out-of-towners? Braving the cold water and maybe even attempting to swim across the whole thing, if you were brave enough to try! Nowadays.

Pond Skating

…And of course, on the flip side, when winter came – Honing your hockey skills on the neighborhood pond, or heading over to Emerson field where the town actually flooded the grassy areas for a makeshift rink when temperatures dipped below freezing.

Sorrento’s + Bedford Farm’s

Begging your parents to get Sorrento’s Pizza followed immediately by Bedford Farm’s Ice Cream after sweaty sporting events at Emerson and Ripley. You just couldn’t have one without the other.

Patriots Day

Of course, Concord, MA prides ourselves on the historical foundation it provided for the US, so this Monday in April was the best day off of school. Between going to the town parade to try to get your parents to buy you cotton candy or a cartoon balloon, or marching alongside the Redcoats or Minutemen, it was nearly impossible to pull off a tri-cornered hat and learning to play the fife (even worse than a recorder).

Brunch at Helen’s

Who remembers Brigham’s anyways? Best brunch in Concord, MA.

Involvement in Patriotic Controversy

Always being a part of some patriotic controversy. Whether it was when the high school read a pot-stirring poem on 9/11, when the town banned the sale of plastic water bottles, or during the shot heard round the world back in the day, we’ll let freedom ring all the time.

Cheering on the Patriots

When our high school mascots were the Patriots, with a more old-fashioned & slightly friendlier image of a colonial soldier. Cheering for our high school football team as well as the true GOAT’s (aka Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the crew).

See Also

Seeing people you know everywhere

You can’t leave the house without seeing someone you know. Your elementary school gym teacher, the women who worked at Concord Hand Designs, or a friend’s mom.

Dunkin Donuts

Heading over to dunks as soon as you had friends who could drive off campus, dodging Ken (everyone’s favorite aka the infamous parking lot security guard), just to get a nice iced coffee regular during your lunch block. My order’s a medium iced coffee with a mocha swirl, yours?

New England Fall weather

When the leaves hit just the right orange, red and yellow colors; exploring the outdoors, whether to take a hike in the woods, race around getting leaves for the infamous 9th grade Earth Science Leaf project, or just waiting for your parents to rake up the leaves before dashing and jumping in.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in Concord, MA and then leave for college like me — you’ll appreciate reminiscing on some of the best memories that made growing up an adventure.

Let us know what your favorite memories of growing up in Concord, MA are in the comments below!
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