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Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

You pulled the grill out, planted that American Flag and now its time for Memorial Day party games the whole family can enjoy. From teething toddlers to slower senior citizens we have party games that will have everyone smiling this Memorial Day.

From classics with a twist to games created for Vikings we have everyone covered.

1. Tic Tac Toe Throw

This twist on the classic tic tac toe will have all the kiddos and adults reliving childhood memories of x’s and o’s and lots of sore losing. To create it throw down 9 hula hoops, the dollar store kind is just right and then paint 5 plates with X’s and five with O’s. Hand them out to the fam-bam and let methodical madness ensue.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

2. Stars and Stripes Cornhole

From outdoor bars to field day you’ve pretty much mastered cornhole and what better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to teach the younger generation how its done. DIY Cornhole boards are easy enough and Kimberly from “a wonderful thought” has just the right instructions for you to bring this game to your next party. Just copy and paste this link ( in your web browser to get to cornhole heaven.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

3. A Vikings’ Game

Created by the Vikings, Koob is an incredibly age-inclusive and exciting game that can be enjoyed by all alike. You can have anywhere from 2 to 12 players whose ages can range from 5 and up so get the whole family out for this one because they’re in for a medieval treat.

The rules are simple you set the “King” piece in the middle and make two rows of 4 “Koobs” each and each player is handed a stick. The objective is to knock down the opposing teams koobs and once they are all down you aim for the King! Dismantling the monarchy and having laughs, what else could one ask for?

Amazon has one on sale right now and I suggest you jump on it. Koob fun sold here:

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

4. Dunk The Cup

What kind of Memorial Day Party would it be if water guns weren’t involved? So this game will def be one the kiddos will enjoy since they will get both water guns and target practice all in one. I like to call this game “dunk the cup.” You will fill up as many cups with water as you’d like, secure a target with a popsicle stick and let them shoot away; whoever fills up the cup first wins!

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

5.Ring Toss All Glowed Up

So we’ve all heard of ring tossing but what about ring tossing at night? Ohhh, I bet you’re intrigued now. Since Memorial Day parties usually go well into the night you can keep the party going with glow-in-the-dark ring tossing!

You get your typical empty bottles, add some glow-in-the-dark tape and use glow-in-the-dark bracelets as the rings. So not only do they get a game, they also get an accessory- it’s a win-win.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

6. Giant Jenga

If you’ve played Jenga you know that not only is it the Swahili word for “build” but it’s also the most nerve-wracking, hand-trembling game out there. The only way to make it better…make it bigger. The kiddos and adults alike will be doing everything in their power from not bringing down this giant jenga house.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

7. Twinkling Stars Twister

Twister but make it patriotic. The rules and fun all stay the same but the stars give it that pizzaz every party needs. And if I have any piece of advice it’d be: stretch!

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Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

8. Busting Balloon Baseball

Its time to soak in all the fun and by that I mean it’s time to get drenched while holding a wiffle-ball bat! This game will involve a bit of trickery, because who doesn’t love that? You will find cheap water balloons, fill those up and then fill up slightly more expensive and thicker balloons. Mix them amongst each other and it’s time to play ball!

When your tossing them people will never suspect when they are in the splash zone and then wam! Baseball and this Memorial Day party just got a whole lot more interesting…and wet.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

19. Poppin’ Balloon Wall

This game is poppin’ and so is your Memorial Day party! Not only will this help you release all that pent up anger but it’ll also bring the family together-it’s seldom you can achieve both things at once so take full advantage!

Decorate a wall with a mini American flag made out of balloons, get some darts and throw away! This game doubles as party decorations so overall a 10/10.

Memorial Day Party Games For The Whole Family

These Memorial Day party games are fun in the sun with your loved ones of all ages while honoring those who have helped keep you and them safe.

What Memorial Day Party Games Are You Excited To Try Out? We Want To Know, Comment Below!

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