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Memorial Day DIY Decor Ideas Made Easy

Memorial Day DIY Decor Ideas Made Easy

Memorial Day is a holiday people don’t often celebrate unless you use it to kick off your summer. Try out a few of these Memorial Day DIY decor ideas to pick your party up a notch!

1. Mini American Flag Wreath

This Memorial Day DIY decor is easy enough to make. It can be hung on the front of a door, or it can be hung in the backyard if you plan on partying. These are fun to make and make a really pretty decoration. You only need three things to make this decoration: a styrofoam ring or circle, little American flags, and a hot glue gun. There’s nothing else needed for this decoration.

The first thing you want to do is cut out the middle part of the circle if you got a circular styrofoam piece. If you got a ring, then just ignore this part. The next thing you want to do is stick the flags into the styrofoam. Using the hot glue gun, glue around each stick that’s in the styrofoam to make sure the flags won’t fall out. Now, just hang the wreath on a hook and put it on the front of a door or on a fence, and enjoy it!


2. Patriotic Flower Vase

This vase is a very easy Memorial Day DIY decor to make. It can be the centerpiece of your dinner table, or it could be something you put in the garden. This is made using a clear vase and some colorful ribbon. It is really easy to make and something fun to look at. This is also something that doesn’t have to be for Memorial Day, you can decorate it for any holiday.

Use some red, white, and blue ribbon to decorate this clear vase. Use hot-glue to stick the ribbon into place on the glass vase. You can use three different ribbons, or you can use one ribbon that is all three colors. Put some red, white, and blue flowers in the clear vase and use it as the centerpiece to your table. Or you can put one type of flower in the vase, and use the other two colors to decorate the vase.


Starry Stirrers

Use this Memorial Day DIY decor to stir your drink with during the party. This is slightly more complicated than the first two DIY projects. You need to have a star stencil and some paper straws to make this craft. Because you are using a paper straw, they will not last very long, probably only a drink or two. But these are very fun to make, and you can make a lot of them.

Grab some blue and red construction paper with the star stencil and trace some stars onto the piece of paper. To get the straws through the stars, use a hole punch to make the holes for the straw. You might need to pinch the straw a little bit to put it into the hole, but the star will stay better that way. Blue and white and red and white straws will work the best, but you can use plain blue, red, or white straws for the project, too.


Paper Lanterns

These Memorial Day DIY decor are slightly more difficult to make, and they probably won’t come out looking like this. It requires white and red tissue paper and a star-shaped hole punch. It also uses some wire and some glue. It doesn’t matter what kind of glue because it should stay together no matter what. You also need a little battery-operated candle to put in the middle.

Accordion fold the red tissue paper and then use the star puncher to cut out stars. These will be glued onto the lantern. Use the wire to form a circle and then glue the white tissue paper onto the wire to make the circle of the lantern. Glue the red stars on wherever you want next. Make a cross with the wire and attach it to a wire ring underneath the lantern. Then glue the battery candle to the middle of the cross. Hang it from a tree and turn on the candle. Your lantern is complete!


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Burlap Party Banners

It is time-consuming to make this Memorial Day DIY decor. It involves tie-dying and burlap sacks. This is fun to make, but you need to set aside a lot of time to make them. You need a string, as well as the other two things I just mentioned. You could also use a hot glue gun or a needle and some thread. Either way, it will look great when it’s done!


First, you need to cut the burlap into triangular pieces like the picture below. Then you need to make the red, white, and blue tie-dye the way the package says to. After, stick the bigger end into the red. Fold over the section you want to be white, and then stick just that part into the tie-dye. For the blue one, stick the whole thing into the blue. Paint the stars on with a paintbrush and white paint. Attach the triangles to the string and hang them up to decorate.

Spirit Explosion

This Memorial Day DIY decor is pretty simple to make. It can be a little confusing, especially putting the glitter in the balloon. But there really are only a few steps to making this decoration. The only two things you really need to make this decoration are balloons and confetti! It might be helpful to have a funnel and something sharp, too, but that’s only if you are having difficulties.


The first step is to fill the balloons up with confetti. This is where the funnel might come in handy. Open the part of the balloon you blow into and put the confetti inside, pouring the confetti through the funnel. It might work better if you have a pump to help blow the balloon up, otherwise be careful not to ingest the confetti. Use a needle or a pin to pop the balloon and watch as the confetti falls out of the bottom.

These are just a few of the Memorial Day DIY decor ideas I’ve seen. Let me know if there are others you use to decorate your house in the comments below!

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