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10 Memorable Villains on Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise (also referred to as BIP or Paradise) is the spinoff show of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and it airs from August to early September. It gives contestants (regardless of how long ago the season they were on was) from either show another chance of finding love but in Sayulita, Mexico. As of today, the first five seasons (Season 6 isn’t finished yet) have produced four marriages, one current engagement, and two solid relationships.

However, the show has resulted in tons of drama, tears, and several love triangles. One of the worst things that a participant can do is destroy and/or harm their already existing good reputations with fans from when they first appeared on The Bachelor and/or Bachelorette. It’s much worse if the person was a fan-favorite before their time on BIP. This happens when someone turns into the so-called villain of Bachelor in Paradise, gets involved in a messy love triangle, dumps someone the worst way possible, or develops a reputation as a player. Actions off-camera can lead to a contestant being considered a villain too. Even people who were considered the villain on the seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette they were initially on have managed to make their reputations on the franchise much worse as well. 

Given that Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 is airing still (the season finale is on September 10th), anyone who is considered as a villain from the current season will not be listed. Everyone who made the list below is from the first five seasons of Bachelor in Paradise

With that being said, These are 10 of the most Memorable Villains on Bachelor in Paradise: 

10. Lacy Faddoul (Bachelor in Paradise Season 1):

Although she got eliminated on Week 1/ the first episode of Bachelor Juan Pablo’s season, Lacy Faddoul (on the left) had a much better run on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise as she got engaged to Marcus Grodd (on the right) (the fourth-place finisher on Andi’s Season) on the season finale. The couple got married the following year during the first episode of Season 2. While she didn’t do anything on camera to be considered as a villain, what she did when the cameras stopped rolling is why she makes this list. 

Lacy and Marcus split up in June 2016. During interviews, Marcus revealed that although they married on TV during the BIP Season 2 Premiere, the marriage was not legal and they never went through with the paperwork to make their union official. He stated that when they got back from their “wedding” in Mexico and were supposed to start with the paperwork, Lacy stalled and that their relationship after their “wedding” aired crumbled. The suitor from Andi’s season even called her a “runaway bride” and felt duped by her.

Marcus even revealed that he did everything to make the relationship work from sending her flowers every day to going out for dinners a lot. However, after their last time going out before publically announcing their split, Lacy cut off all communication. 

9. Izzy Goodkind (Bachelor in Paradise Season 3):

Izzy Goodkind (Ben H.’s Season) wasn’t the stereotypical Reality TV Villain during her time on BIP. However, she is included on this list due to the way she dumped Vinny Ventiera (JoJo’s Season).

Both were part of the original cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 and two hit it off from the start. A real connection seemed to form between Izzy and Vinny until late arrival Brett Melnick (Andi’s Season) joined the cast in Week 4. Izzy, despite her strong relationship with Vinny, threw away everything (see the clip below) they had together due to being attracted to Brett. This left Vinny heartbroken and he quit the show the same week. 

Things ended up not working out between Izzy and Brett as both ended up leaving the show during Week 5. During her exit interview, Izzy called Vinny to tell him that she made a mistake with him, only for him to tell her that she blew it with him. It was hard for fans to feel sorry for her.

8. Daniel Maguire (Bachelor in Paradise Season 4):

Daniel Maguire (on the right) has appeared on Bachelor Franchise shows three times: on  JoJo’s Season and on Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 3 & 4. During his first stint on BIP, he was eliminated in Week 4. When he came back the following season, he left Paradise in a relationship with Lacey Mark (on the left) (Nick’s Season). However, on the reunion episode (which was taped weeks before the airdate of the season finale), the two revealed that they were no longer together.

On the reunion episode, Lacey called Daniel out for playing her as he told her before going into the fantasy suite that he wanted to make their relationship work. However, in the real world, Lacey felt Daniel wasn’t putting enough effort into the relationship. After some back and forth between the former couple, Host Chris Harrison played an unaired clip from the morning after their fantasy suite where Daniel is seen telling a producer that Lacey liked him more than he liked her and that he would never change his Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship” with Lacey (even though he said he would). 

7. AshLee Frazier (Bachelor in Paradise Season 1):

Throughout the first season of BIP, AshLee Frazier (Sean’s Season) displayed two different sides of herself: she was one person when the cameras were on but when they were off, her catty and “mean girl” sides came out. During her time on the show, she got together with Graham Bunn (DeAnna’s Season and Bachelor Pad Season 2) and refused to let any of the other girls ask him out. One of the season’s highlights was during the first episode when Clare Crawley (the runner-up of Juan Pablo’s Season) got the first-ever date card and wanted to ask Graham out. This caused AshLee to throw a hissy fit as she claimed “dibs” on Graham before the date card even arrived. 

Later during Week 4, when she thought there were no cameras around, Ashlee (in the first clip below) slut-shammed Clare for her infamous dip in the ocean with Juan Pablo (during his season of The Bachelor) in a private conversation with Zak Kalter (Desiree’s Season), who Clare was hooking up with. She brought it up to warn him about Clare’s morals and character. However, a hidden camera captured the entire ‘private’ conversation and when Clare found out about what Ashlee said, all hell broke out and it led to Clare eventually leaving the show when she felt that Zak didn’t do anything to defend her. 

During the season finale, Graham finally dumped her after having being advised to so by close friend Michelle Money (Brad’s 2nd Season and Bachelor Pad Season 2). The second clip below depicts the heart to heart between Graham and Michelle. As a result of her two-faced nature, no one felt bad for AshLee when Graham broke things off. 

6. Kamil Nicalek (Bachelor in Paradise Season 5):

It was one action during the reunion episode of Season 5 that caused Kamil Nicalek (Becca’s Season) to earn the wrath of Bachelor Nation. Despite joining the cast as a late arrival during Week 3, he managed to leave Paradise in a relationship with Annaliese Puccini (Arie’s Season and part of the Week 1 original cast). However, the couple broke up and Kamil dumped her on stage (see the clips below) during the reunion episode (which was taped weeks prior to the season finale airdate) and Annaliese was in tears. The way he broke up with her left viewers furious, the studio audience booing, and the other cast members in attendance to turn on Kamil. 

5. Jenna Cooper (Bachelor in Paradise Season 5):

Like Lacy Faddoul (See #10), the only reason why Jenna Cooper (Arie’s Season and on the left) makes this list is that her actions weren’t captured on-camera for viewers to see! On Season 5, Jenna came to Paradise during Week 2 as a late arrival and quickly fell in love with original cast member Jordan Kimball (Becca’s Season and on the right). The couple got engaged on the season finale and on the reunion special (which was taped weeks before the finale aired) revealed that they set a wedding date for June 9th, 2019. 

However, the couple never made it down the aisle as hours before Part 2 of the BIP Season 5 Finale aired on September 11th, Reality Steve posted on his blog screenshots of texts messages between Jenna and another man. That’s right! Jenna was seeing someone before going on the show and continued to do so after getting engaged to Jordan at the end of filming! As a result, Jordan called off the engagement a day after the season concluded and opened up on Instagram about how blindsided and heartbroken he was. The same day, Jenna denied the cheating allegations and claimed that the text messages were fake. Things stirred up between the two recently after Jenna announced her plans to write a book about the drama surrounding her breakup with Jordan. 

4. Chad Johnson (Bachelor in Paradise Season 3):

Chad Johnson (JoJo’s Season) is already one of the franchise’s most iconic villains and his stint on BIP only lasted one day before his removal by Host Chris Harrison. Part of the original cast on Season 3, Chad managed to cause a lot of havoc on the first day. While it seemed that he and Lace Morris (Ben H.’s Season) were into each other (they made out), by the time it became night, all hell broke loose.

After getting drunk, Chad became belligerent, argued with Lace, and displayed aggressive behavior to the other contestants. When fellow contestant Sarah Herron (Sean’s Season and BIP Seasons 1 & 3) called him out for his behavior, Chad called her a “one-armed bitch”. The comment resulted in Herron (who was born with only one arm) to dissolve into tears and Chad eventually passed out drunk on the beach. The next morning, Host Chris Harrison removed Chad from the show. Watch Lauren Zima’s recap video below of the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. 

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3. Joe Bailey (Bachelor in Paradise Season 2):

During his time on Kaitlyn’s Season of The Bachelorette, Joe Bailey (who ended up finishing fifth overall) was liked by fans for his Southern Charm and his nice personality. However, his run on BIP Season 2 turned him into one of the most hated contestants of the entire franchise. 

Joe came to Paradise in Week 2 as a late arrival and formed a connection with Juelia Kinney (Chris’s Season). However, when Samantha Steffen (Chris’s Season) (See #1 below) arrived in Week 3, he dumped Juelia in order to pursue things with the new arrival.  Over the history of the show, contestants have broken off existing relationships in order to pursue new ones, but what Joe did to Juelia comes with a shocking twist: Joe and Samantha were in contact with each other prior to filming and the latter texted the former “to do what u need to do in order to stay on… I don’t really care what”. This meant he faked being interested in Juelia (who was also a widowed single mom) in order to get her rose that week!! While Joe redeemed himself a bit by showing the text messages with Samantha on After Paradise, how he played Juelia is what makes Bachelor Nation still hate him. 

1. Josh Murray (Bachelor in Paradise Season 3) (Tie):

Josh Murray (Andi’s Season) went from one of the franchise’s most beloved contestants to one of its’ most hated following his stint on BIP Season 3. Fans adored him on Andi’s Season in 2014 and he ended up winning her final rose. Unfortunately, the couple called off their engagement in January 2015. A year and a half after the breakup, Josh joined the cast of BIP Season 3 as a late arrival in Week 2. 

Josh caused a lot of the drama that season, which started when he took Amanda Stanton (Ben H.’s Season and BIP Seasons 3 & 4) out on a date when she already formed a connection with Nick Viall (Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s Seasons, BIP Season 3, and The Bachelor Season 21). He and Amanda managed to form a better connection compared to her connection with Nick, which only intensified the feud between the future Bachelor and Josh (their rivalry stems from the fact that they were Andi’s final two men and Andi broke Nick’s heart when she chose Josh over him). The rivarly between Nick and Josh is one of biggest and most memorable ones in the franchise’s history and one of their confrontations is shown in the video below. In addition, Andi’s (who didn’t appear physically that season) memoir, which was released about a month prior to filming, caused drama that season as well. In her book, Andi implied that Josh emotionally abused her.

While Josh denounced Andi’s book before and while the show aired, his behavior on the show made viewers believe that the former bachelorette’s claims were actually true as he came off as manipulative and had a temper. Despite several warnings from fellow Paradise cast members (including Nick), Amanda still stood by Josh and the two got engaged in the season finale. However, they ended up calling off the engagement in December 2016 and had a nasty fallout post-breakup. Amanda’s soon-to-be-released memoir includes details about her relationship with Josh. 

1. Samantha Steffen (Bachelor in Paradise Season 2) (Tie):

Samantha Steffen (on the left) didn’t get much screentime during Bachelor Chris Soules’s Season where she was eliminated in Week 5. However, Bachelor Nation now remembers her name after her controversial stint on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2. 

As stated above, Samantha had contact with Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn’s Season) (on the right and see #3 above) before filming and the two were interested in seeing each other on the show (both were late arrivals in Weeks 2 (Joe) and 3 (Samantha)). Samantha texted Joe to do whatever he to do in order to stay on Paradise before she arrived. Joe did so by playing single mom Juelia Kinney (Chris’s Season) to secure her rose. When Samantha arrived, Joe ditched Juelia. Joe seemed smitten with Samantha, but the plot thickened when she was only saying what she needed Joe to hear in order to stay on the show long enough until Nick Peterson (Ashley’s Season and Bachelor Pad Season 3) arrived. 

That’s right! Samantha was also in contact with Nick prior to the filming like she was with Joe! When Nick joined the cast in Week 4, she dumped Joe in order to pursue things with Nick! Samantha and Nick left the show together as a couple (they didn’t get engaged) in the season finale but ultimately broke up in October 2015.

From this list of 10 Memorable Bachelor in Paradise Villains, which one’s actions shocked you the most?  Please let us know which villain’s actions stunned you the most down below in the comments section!

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