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Top 10 Memorable Men Tell All Moments Ever

Top 10 Memorable Men Tell All Moments Ever

With The Men Tell All episode of Season 15 of The Bachelorette airing on July 22nd, it means that Hannah Brown’s journey to finding love is coming close to an end. As with past Men Tell All episodes (And Women Tell All specials for The Bachelor), all of the already eliminated contestants of the season will reunite and discuss the events of the season, in addition to those who feuded confronting each other for the first time. The episode also allows some of the contestants to get closure with the bachelorette. The Men Tell All will be the first time that she sees any of her suitors.

It is important to note that the final two men (and in some cases, the final three, depending on how dramatic the finale of a season is) will not appear in at the reunion episode (Traditionally, the final two of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren’t allowed to do so).

With that being said, let’s take a look at past Men Tell All episodes and reminisce on The Top 10 Most Memorable Men Tell All moments ever:


10. Craig R. Wets the Bed in the Blooper Reel:

The blooper reel segments provide comic relief each year on The Men Tell All and/or Women Tell All, as viewers to get to see some of the funny highlights that didn’t make it on air during the earlier episodes of the season. One iconic blooper highlight that probably remains one of the franchises’ funniest ever was that of 6th place finisher of Ali Fedotosky’s season, Craig R., wetting the bed in his hotel room while the show was in filming in Istanbul.

The last highlight of season 6’s blooper reel documents a few of the last seven guys left on Ali’s season being bored in Istanbul (Contestants aren’t allowed to leave the hotel while on the show unless they are on a date), so a few of them decided to prank an already sleeping Craig R. by putting his hand in hot water, resulting in the man peeing on the hotel bed. The clip led to many audience members of The Men Tell All, Ali, Craig R himself, and some of the suitors into hysterics and tears of laughter. 

Top 10 Memorable Men Tell All Moments Ever


9. Andi Dorfman Receives a Letter From One of Her Final Two Suitors:

As stated in the introduction above, the final two (and in some cases, final three) men are not allowed to appear on The Men Tell All since the season finale and live After The Final Rose (AFTR) episodes air after The Men Tell All episodeDuring the post-credits of the season 10 Men Tell All episode, viewers are shown that during one of the commercial breaks, Host Chris Harrison giving Bachelorette Andi Dorfman a handwritten letter from one of her final two guys (Nick V. and Josh M).

With dramatic music playing in the background, Andi puts it on the table and stares at it. Viewers were not made aware who gave Andi the letter until AFTR where it was revealed that runner-up Nick V. was the one who gave the note to Andi as he was not over her and wanted more clarity and closure. 

Top 10 Memorable Men Tell All Moments Ever


8. Bentley Williams Absent from The Men Tell All

Before Bachelorette Villians from recent seasons like Chad Johnson (Season 12) and Luke Parker (Season 15), there was Bentley Williams (Season 7). When he found out the Bachelorette was going to be Ashley Hebert (third-place finisher of Brad’s second season), he was upset as he wanted it to be Emily Maynard (the winner of Brad’s second season). Instead of bowing out, he stayed on the show for three weeks and played Ashley by making her think he was so into her when all he did was talk smack about her in his confessionals. He broke her heart badly when he left the show during week 3. While he declined an invitation to appear on The Men Tell All, the other contestants in attendance, including host Chris Harrison, bashed him severely for his actions. 

Top 10 Memorable Men Tell All Moments Ever

7. Desiree Hartsock’s Finale Preview Leaving The Audience Speechless: 

The end of each Tell All special is showing a preview clip of what to expect for the season finale. Usually, viewers are annoyed when Chris Harrison says it’s gonna be the most ‘dramatic’ finale ever, but after the preview clip for Desiree’s season finale was shown, audience members were left speechless.


The Season 9 Men Tell All special was one of the few occasions were the third-place finisher wasn’t allowed to attend and the source of the drama for that season’s finale involved Brooks Forester, the third-place finisher. No spoilers, but Brooks appeared instead at After the Final Rose instead due to his role in the Fantasy Suite portion (round before the Final Two/Season Finale) of the show.

6. Desiree Confronts James:

Before being dubbed one of the villains of The Bachelorette Season 9, James Case was a front runner for Desiree Hartsock’s final rose after receiving one group date in Week 3 and a one-on-one date rose in Week 4. Heading into Week 5, James became a villain after (Off-camera) two other contestants overhead him say to another contestant that he couldn’t wait to make the final four and become the next Bachelor.


When Desiree was made aware, she was upset and ended up sending James home in Week 6. At the Men Tell All, James tried to defend himself by saying he only said what he said because he was thinking about the possibilities if he wasn’t Desiree’s final pick, the other guys in attendance were not believing it. When Desiree came out, she confronted him for manipulating her as during filming, she couldn’t see all the footage and had to believe what her gut told her at the moment.  

5. Jordan Kimball’s Rant: 

During last year’s Men Tell All special, almost every guy that attended got into a heated argument with fan-favorite Jordan Kimball over his antics and how serious the male model took the competition. The whole thing was just a big shouting match between Jordan and the other guys, which lead to the male model telling most of the guys to “F*** off”. The funniest part of this argument was when in the middle of his tirade, Jordan asked fan favorite and night one eliminee Grocery Store Joe ‘What’s up?”. 

4. Kaitlyn Bristowe Slut-Shaming and Death Threats:

While Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe got the opportunity to get closer with a few of her suitors during her season’s Men Tell All, her appearance on the special was also used to address the slut-shaming and death threats she received over social media over being intimate with a suitor (Nick Viall, the previous season’s runner-up who returned mid-season to compete for Kaitlyn’s heart) way before the Fantasy Suites portion of the show. Host Chris Harrison read some of the hurtful tweets that Bristowe received which left audience members and the already-eliminated bachelors in attendance shocked. 

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3. JoJo Has Enough with Chad’s Antics:

Chad Johnson “Bad Chad” was the villain of The Bachelorette Season 12 and one of the most controversial contestants in franchise history. No one got along with the guy and when it came to the Men Tell All, he got to make his own entrance when it was his turn in the hot seat from a separate green room (traditionally at the Tell All episodes, all contestants are sitting on chairs on stage).


While there were some shouting matches between Bad Chad and the rest of the men in attendance, things heated up when Jojo came on stage to face the men. Jojo earned a standing ovation from the audience and men when she refused to acknowledge Chad by stating “He isn’t worth my time” after Chad dropped some insults about her final two men Robby and Jordan (who weren’t at the Men Tell All for the reasons stated earlier).

2. Rachel Lindsay Tells Lee Garrett Off:

When the third-place finisher of Nick’s season of The Bachelor was named the season 13 Bachelorette, she made history as became the franchise’s first (and so far only) ever African-American lead. Her cast of suitors was also the show’s most diverse ever.

Her season’s villain Lee Garrett (who is white) managed to solidify his villain status both on and off-screen. On-screen, Lee had major beef with Kenny (who is black) and when he called the latter aggressive, a comment that offended some of the men of color in the house. Off-screen, Lee caused controversy when some of his past racist tweets surfaced during the airing of the show. During  The Men Tell All, the suitors, Chris Harrison, and Rachel all confronted him over the racist tweets. Although Lee unsuccessfully tried to defend himself, Rachel called him out and offered to give him a black history lesson once they got off-stage. 


1. Emily Maynard Tells Kalon McMahon Off:

The season 8 Bachelorette made franchise history as the second-ever Bachelor winner and first-ever single mom to become The Bachelorette. In Week 5 of her season, she sent home (telling him to get the f*** out) villain Kalon McMahon during the group date after hearing from the other men that he referred to her then six-year-old daughter Ricki as ‘baggage’. The Men Tell All was the first time that Emily and Kalon saw each other since that dramatic day in London. While Kalon apologized for his actions, Emily refused to buy it and called him out for his phony apology and wishing the best for him in finding more important things in life other than material things he loved to flaunt (the guy made his limo entrance via helicopter). 

What was your favorite moment from past Men Tell All specials? Let us know in the comments section below!

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