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12 Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities

12 Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities

April 1st aka April Fools’ Day, is a day holiday full of laughter, tricks, and pranks by celebrities and normal people. Pranks by Celebrities on said holiday go instantly viral due to the pranks’ extravagant nature, originality, and who the prank target is and his/her reaction(s) to the stunt.

With countless resources and famous friends, celebrities are able to go all out with their entertaining April Fools’ Day Pranks, all of which produce hilarious results. 

Heading into April Fools’ Day 2020, let’s take a look back at 12 of The Most Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities: 


1. Rihanna Pranking Jimmy Kimmel While He Sleeps:

In terms of pranks by celebrities, Late Night Talk Show Host and Comedian Jimmy Kimmel ranks near the top of the best pranksters. However, on April Fools’ Day 2015, Kimmel was the victim of a prank by Grammy-winning Singer Rihanna!

At 1 a.m., the singer showed up at Kimmel’s house while he’s sleeping. With the assistance of Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney (who is also the co-head writer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!), Rihanna snook into the couple’s bedroom and surprised the late-night talk show host with a rendition of her single “B**** Better Have My Money”.

2. Tom Brady Joins Twitter:

From all of the April Fools’ Day Pranks by Celebrities pulled last year, Tom Brady’s was definitely the most memorable one. The six-time Super Bowl Champion officially joined Twitter on April Fools’ Day 2019. No joke.


Now, the part that is the joke is what Brady wrote in his first-ever tweet (see the photo below) that set the internet (and all football fans) on fire.

3. Maisie Williams ‘Accidentally’ Reveals a Massive Game of Thrones Spoiler:

With Jimmy Fallon’s help, Maisie Williams got us all real good! While appearing on The Tonight Show to promote the final season of Game of Thrones, Williams panicked and ran offstage after she accidentally slipped a major spoiler regarding the death of her character Arya Stark. When Fallon went to go check on her, both return onstage and revealed the whole thing was a big April Fools’ Prank.


12 Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities

4. Katie Couric’s Tumble:

One of the most memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks of all time was done by Katie Couric. Her target? James Corden. On an appearance on Corden’s show The Late Late Show in 2015, Couric had a stunt double fall down a set of stairs as the news journalist was being introduced.

5. Tom Felton’s Instagram Post:

There are many Harry Potter fans writing fanfictions on the internet and one of the series’ most popular ships is “Drarry”, a romantic relationship between Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe in the films) and Draco Malfoy (played by Tom Felton in the films). In both the books and the films, the two characters are arch-rivals. However, in real life, Radcliffe and Felton are close friends.


Felton pulled off one of the most memorable Pranks by Celebrities on April Fools Day 2015 with an Instagram post of a photo of himself and Radcliffe lying next to each other shirtless, stating that they were a couple. The post made all Harry Potter fans’ (especially Drarry shippers) hearts swoon. 

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones’s New Film:

One of the most memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks by Celebrities last year was the one by Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, where she posted a photo on Instagram of a script for the film Threat Level: Midnight.

The Office fans out there will remember that Threat Level: Midnight is a fictional film that the show’s lead Michael Scott (Steve Carell) starred in, directed, and wrote. In the film, Michael playsAgent Michael Scarn, who comes out of retirement to avenge the murder of his wife Catherine Zeta-Scarn, a parody on Zeta-Jones. The Oscar Winner’s post had her followers and The Office Stars in hysterics.


7. Alec Baldwin, A College U.S. History Class, and Abraham Lincoln:

The day before April Fools’ Day in 2015, Alec Baldwin pulled off one of the most memorable Pranks by Celebrities (not just April Fools’ Day, but of all time) and it involved a college U.Ss History Class and Abraham Lincoln. The actor showed up to a U.S. History Class at Occidental College dressed up as Abraham Lincoln. Baldwin ending up giving a speech as the former President before revealing himself to the stunned students.

12 Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities

8. Rebel Wilson’s Dramatic Collapse:

The actress spent her April Fools’ Day in 2017 filming Pitch Perfect 3 and sent the crew and her fellow co-stars into a panic when she collapsed on the set. Wilson later posted a video of the incident on Instagram with the caption “Tragic accident on the set of Pitch Perfect 3…just kidding! Happy April Fools Pitches! I got you!!!”


9. Michael Phelps Announces Comeback for 2020 Summer Olympics:

When Swimmer Michael Phelps initially retired after the 2012 Summer Olympics, he did so as the most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 22 Olympic Medals across 4 Olympics (Note, he failed to win a medal at the 2000 Olympics, his first Olympics). Two years later, Phelps announced his intentions to return to the sport and compete in another Summer Games. After winning more six medals (four golds and two silvers) at The 2016 Summer Olympics, he retired again.

However, come April Fools Day 2017, Phelps pulled off one of the most notable April Fools’ Day Pranks by Celebrities that year when he announced on Twitter that he was coming out of retirement again to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Nine hours later, Phelps responded to his initial tweet with #AprilFools. 

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10. Hailee Steinfeld is Pregnant with Joe Jonas’s Baby:

Way before getting married to Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas pulled one of the most memorable pranks by Celebrities during April Fools’ Day  2015 when he posted a fake sonogram on Twitter, claiming that he and Hailee Steinfeld (who’s reportedly the person who set up Jonas and Turner) were expecting their first child together.


11. Anthony Davis “Shaves” Off His Unibrow:

On March 31st, 2018, The NBA All-Star posted a video of him “shaving” off his trademark unibrow. The next day, Davis revealed to the world that his unibrow is still intact and the whole video was an April Fools’ Joke done in a partnership with Redbull. 


12 Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities

12. Gigi Hadid’s Makeover:

When April Fools’ Day came in 2017, the model (who normally has long blonde hair) uploaded a photo of herself sporting a much shorter haircut. Hadid later updated the caption (which was originally just a few scissor emojis) of the photo with “happy April foolz fwends ;)”

Which of these April Fools’ Day Pranks By Celebrities was your favorite? Be sure to let us know which one(s) down below in the comments section!

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