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7 Memes You Will Recognize If You Used To Be A 1D Fan

7 Memes You Will Recognize If You Used To Be A 1D Fan

Did you used to be a 1D fan? Well, if so, then chances are you just might recognize some of these old One Direction memes!

Let’s take it back to the UK in 2009. An up and comping group of teenage boys were about to hit it big and change the course of their lives forever. One Direction hit the scene and although they have been on hiatus for three years, they can’t seem to leave the public’s mind. The One Direction online fan base was one of the most active fandoms of its time and left its mark on social media history. Here are 10 memes that you will recognize if you were a 1D fan.

1. Spoons

Let’s throw it back to one of One Direction’s earliest online meme’s! Early on in One Direction’s career, Liam Payne gave an interview stating he was scared of spoons. This would haunt him for the rest of the trajectory of the group. Meme’s popped up everywhere about Liam’s aversion to spoons. The fans took this offhanded statement he made and ran with it and made memes like this all the time!

2. 1D Imagines

Remember these? Although these might make you cringe now, admit it, you used to secretly read these on Tumblr! 1D imagines became a meme in itself when fans decided to parody the popular format to extreme and nonsensical heights! Near the end of this meme cycle, these 1D imagines became increasingly more extreme and ridiculous! They always provided a good laugh to the fans within the fandom, even if nobody else understood them!


3. Carrots

Original 1D fans still shiver when they hear this word to this day! The carrots joke started when Louis Tomlinson joked that he liked to date women who liked carrots and like the spoon situation– it never really went away. Fans latched onto the idea and brought it up everywhere, even meet and greets! Poor Louis would be greets by hoards of girls with fresh carrots and carrot themed gifts! Later on, carrots became the name old fans would call newer fans– but that’s a whole different story!

4. Directioner vs Directionator

Was this one of the fandoms most annoying and unnecessary fights… yes, yes it was. This fight happened when One Direction hit the US market in about 2012 and made a giant splash. The fandom grew almost overnight and hordes of girls became instant fans. This created friction and clashed between fans who were there pre-2012. Ultimately it all blew over, but like any great story, things got a little shaky for a hot second.

5. Gotta Zayn

This meme came out of one of the most chaotic and dramatic times it was to be a One Direction fan. When Zayn left the band, a lot of fans were feeling a swirl of emotion and dealt with it in one of the best ways the fandom knew how to — humor. “Gotta Zayn” was basically making a joke of the abrupt way Zayn left the group. It was like he left all of us on read!

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6. Reaction Images

One of the older variations of the meme that mixed the popular twitter text caption format, these meme was like the grown up version of the 1D memes that populated the internet in 2012-2013. People outside of fandom could use it because Harry’s face was relatable, simple and most importantly, hilarious!

7. Valentine’s Day Meme’s

The 1D Valentines Day meme cards was a variation of the popular tumblr comic sans posts! These were meant to be cringey and dumb, which made them 100% more hilarious than anything else. They are great because they are somewhat timeless in that they could be both written in 2012 and 2017! Any former 1D fan will remember this one!

Did you used to be a 1D fan? Do you recognize any of these memes from your days as a 1D fan? Tell us in the comments!
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