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15 Memes That Sum Up What It’s Like To Have Social Anxiety In College

15 Memes That Sum Up What It’s Like To Have Social Anxiety In College

Having social anxiety in college is the absolute worst. Have you ever had a mini panic attack when your phone starts ringing? Have you ever hidden behind a textbook when people walked by you in your school library? Have you ever gotten all sweaty and red when unexpectedly called on in class?

If so, fear not. I, too, would answer yes to all of these questions… on second thought, maybe it should worry you if you’re like me.

But, really, sometimes it just takes too much to people.


1. Sometimes, class is a living hell.

Hello, heart palpitations. It’s nice to see you again.

2. When you think you’re safe because you have your headphones.

But you’re really not.

3. And here’s that phone thing I was talking about.

Phones are a great way to avoid eye contact, though.



4. Why is it so hard for people to grasp this?

Like, you wish you could just talk to anyone, but you can’t because then you might die.

5. You know you turned in the online paper that’s worth half of your grade

But what if there was a glitch and your teacher didn’t get it and she gives you a zero and hates you for messing up and then you just drop out of college because you suck?


6. That moment when everything’s going right for you.

So, logically, something terrible is going to happen to you. You’ll probably get hit by a car or something.

7. You know you need to get up and get to class.

But then you remember– people will be in class.

8. Your friends finally talk you into going out.

You’re actually excited about it, too, but then this happens.


9. This is so true it hurts.

No, really, it hurts.


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10. And then there’s this, which also hurts.

I’m sure it hits you right in your anxiety-ridden feels.

11. This is why you are single.

And always will be.

 12. BRB, crying.

Because you connect with this on a spiritual level.


 13. All you want to do is just turn your brain off for a while.

But that’s simply not going to happen.

14. Your greatest accomplishment.

Is something normal people do on a regular basis.

15. Yeah, yeah, you have social anxiety.

But, so what? You’re still a badass. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

How do you handle your social anxiety in college? Comment below!
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