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10 Memes That Portray Working In Customer Service

10 Memes That Portray Working In Customer Service

An Open Letter To People Who Are Rude To Service Staff

Working in customer service is nothing if not eventful. Everyday you run across hundreds of different people, all with their own special needs of which you must accommodate. Customer service can really open your eyes to the many idiosyncrasies, weird requests, and just plain “Huh?” moments that customers have to offer. Whether you work in retail, the food industry, or human resources, here are 10 memes that you can relate to if you’re working in customer service.

1. Asking for a refund after most of the food has been eaten.

Working in the restaurant industry, brings you across some of the weirdest logic from customers. Having worked in a restaurant for years, I can’t tell you how many customers have complained about their food AFTER most of it is gone. What I’m more intrigued by is the reasoning behind such a decision. Do they find that the staff is daft enough as to believe that food that is consumed was not enjoyed? If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. We’ll gladly give you your money back or at least get you something you do enjoy.


2. When you greet a customer and they ignore you.

Whether you are greeting them as they enter the store or going to introduce yourself as their server, there is nothing more annoying than being ignored. This is especially true if the customer asks you for help, 5 minutes after they blatantly ignored you. If you want to be a good customer, you could start by being courteous towards the staff. I guarantee this will help make your experience working in customer service better.

3. Customers who walk in minutes before closing.

Here’s the thing, getting to an establishment minutes before closing is not cool. You know what’s even worse? Deciding to stay even after you have been told that the place is  about to close. The staff is internally screaming at your decision and I could say with certainty that the minute you wonder in and are out of earshot, you are going to be the topic of a very unpleasant conversation.


Staying is inconsiderate of the employees who probably want to go home and lead the lives that as customers sometimes people forget they have. Believe me, you are not doing them a favor by staying. Business is done for the day. Come back tomorrow during business hours and we will be happy to help or serve in anyway possible.

4. When the manager has your back.

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to prove you know how to do your job. The perfect opportunity comes when customers decide that what you are telling them is either rude or a complete lie! Cue in your manager, who after hearing the situation, swiftly says “Actually, what you were told is correct.” That’s right! I actually work here so surprisingly, I know the rules. *flips hair and walks away*


5. Customers who choose to sit at the dirty table.

If you work at a restaurant, then you have probably run across this twisted logic. This one is a real head scratcher! In a restaurant full of empty and clean tables, why would you choose to sit at the only dirty table in the restaurant? That’s not the worst part though. What’s worse is that some customers don’t even wait for the table to be wiped down before they sit! Then they have the audacity to complain that the table is dirty.


6. The “I know the owner” line.

Some customers feel like knowing the owner grants them special privileges. Here’s a news flash pal? I know the owner too and if that doesn’t grant me the special privilege of a raise then I don’t know why that means you can get special treatment when you dine, buy, or visit. But just in case you are going to use this line, make sure you know how to pronounce the owner’s name. It will make it more believable and less embarrassing for you when the owner denies your request.

7. When sweet revenge comes in the form of a declined credit card.

An interaction with a rude customer can be a challenge, especially when you want to defend yourself or tell them how incompetent they are being. No worries. Sometimes karma works in your favor and when they go to pay for an expensive item or meal, their card is declined. What an embarrassing moment it must be for them to be at your mercy? Wipe that smirk off your face though, before they call the manager.

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8. When the customer says they are never coming back.

I’m sorry, but this will make the employees laugh for days. First off, for every customer who doesn’t come back there is a small crowd of new customers to replace them. Second, if you were a rude customer chances are we don’t want you to come back. Third, if the food, service, or items on sale are good, who is really losing? Lastly, I don’t personally know you, so this is doesn’t directly hurt me if that was your goal.


9. Customers who walk in with a bad attitude.

Look, we get it. Life is hard and we are all going through stuff, but don’t take it out on the person trying to do their job. If you are greeted at the door, please don’t scowl or ignore us? If you have a complaint over some of our services, inform us calmly. We’ll be happy to try to accommodate you, but don’t blame us for the problem and demand refunds. Here’s an idea! If you’re in a bad mood, just don’t go out.


10. When the customer gets it!

Customer service isn’t all bad. The bad experiences just tend to stand out in our minds because of all the rage we have to hold in. But usually, the good outweighs the bad. There are customers who understand when they are at fault and acknowledge their mistakes. They don’t live by the myth of “The customer is always right.” They smile when they are greeted and they say thank you after they leave. These are the customers we appreciate and don’t mind working in customer service for.

What are your favorite memes that show what it’s like working in customer service? What do you think about working in customer service? Tell us in the comments!
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