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15 Memes About Food That Are Just Too True

15 Memes About Food That Are Just Too True

When you see a meme, you can't help but think about how much you relate to it. Check out these memes about food and see which ones you can relate most to!

In today’s world it’s nearly impossible to go on social media without coming across all types of memes, but especially memes about food. When you see a meme, you can’t help but think about how much you relate to it. Check out these memes about food and see which ones you can relate most to!

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am, 3pm, or 12pm (or any hour in between).

If you ask me if I want to eat, you should automatically know the answer is yes. In fact, you shouldn’t even have to ask. It’s safe to assume the answer will be a big fact yes.


2. Who needs to be a good cook when you can just use fancy food terminology to describe your food?

Have pride in your perfected peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Puréed nut spread with a grape relish reduction paired with a brioche bun…peanut butter and jelly sandwich…it all sounds the same to me.

3. I could have just eaten a 5-course meal and still be hungry.

My last words won’t be, “thank you for a great life.” They will be, “but I’m still hungry.”



4. Anyone who loves avocados knows this to be spot on.

The time frame for using a perfectly ripe avocado feels like a good minute. It’s like the Hunger Games trying to use your avocado in time.


5. People think you are limiting yourself to a diet of fish, rice, and vegetables.

Ha! Jokes on them. No one has to know that what you actually mean is you literally see food and then eat it.


6. Not many things beat long walks on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes and the breeze in your face.

The one thing that would beat a nice walk on the beach is a nice, long walk to a fridge on the beach. Now THAT sounds like the life.

7. I’m pretty sure this is the exact face I make.

Yes waiter, my food is up to par. Now please let me stuff my face in peace.





8. When you’re hungry the only relationship status that matters is the one having to do with food.

The only date I want to go on is a long and romantic date with food.

9. I mean, who can really tell the difference?

The vegetables and fruit didn’t even stand a chance against the cheesy, greasy deliciousness.


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10. The fact that food has calories really dampens the mood.

But that’s not going to stop me from eating and then complaining about how many calories I just consumed.


11. I strategically plan when I’ll eat each of my meals, so if you want to hang out during my eating time, sorry you’re out.

If I don’t remember to schedule my meals then my stomach will be sure to remind me.


12. If I’m being moody and rude, chances are I just need someone to feed me.

I’ll go from picture one to picture two within a minute of being given food.

13. Honestly what harm will a couple extra hundred calories cause?

My logic is that if I’ve been eating unhealthy all day, I may as well make the most of it and treat myself to that extra brownie.


14. I may be super confused and disoriented, but the wonderful smell of food will be sure to bring back to Earth.

15. Let’s be real for a second.

We all know the real reason I want this job is because my wallet just can’t keep up with my stomach. So do yourself a favor and give me this job because money leads to a full stomach, a full stomach leads to a happy employee, and a happy employee leads to a good worker.


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