Meeting His Parents: What You Should NOT Wear

If you're meeting his parents for the first time, you certainly don't want to leave a bad impression. Here's what you shouldn't wear when meeting your boyfriends parents!

WHOAAA meeting his parents now that is a big step! So you have finally found a cute, nice guy you actually want to spend an obnoxious amount of time with – do not ruin this for yourself! Your annoyingly perfect boyfriend just asked you to go to dinner with him and his parents (yes his PARENTS) and he really wants you, YOU, to meet HIS PARENTS! Its like a dream come true, so please be sure not to wear any of the following:

1. Please for your sake remove all facial piercings.

Wearing your septum nose ring to dinner will only allow his parents to associate you with a certain black and white farm animal and NO ONE wants that! Not saying facial piercings are bad, you may just want to remove them for a night.

Those 6 inch stilettos are defiantly going to be staying the night in!  We can not risk a face tumble on the first night of meeting your potential in laws.  Not to mention it may give off the wrong idea.

Here's what not to wear when meeting his parents!

2. Criss-cross, low cut, or cut out shirts

you may be famously known for them, but you should not be seen wearing a revealing shirt when meeting his parents!


This should really should not even have to be said for girls, but just in case you have been living under a rock – I will say it once and only once:  If you would consider wearing that outfit to the gym then you must change.  The last thing you need is his parents thinking you are headed to workout after their meal.  And I know ladies this one is hard to hear  , but no you cannot dress up those leggings and yes his Mom will be able to tell you are wearing leggings!!

Here's what not to wear when meeting his parents!

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4. No ex-boyfriend jewelry!

“Oh that is such a pretty bracelet, where is it from?”  If the answer is your Ex get it off your risk.  That is a an icebreaker, but not a good one.

5. Your flashiest, most fashionable outfit

This is not something you should be stepping out in while meeting his parents for the first time, trust me. Keep it simple, less is more!

6. Be Authentic

My last piece of advice is go with gut, stay true to your own personal style while keeping common sense in mind.  You do not need to dress as a 50 year old women on her way to a job interview, but you do not need to be in your 21st birthday outfit either!  Making agood first impression is the first step in making your night slightly less awkward and terrifying.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Did these don’ts help you figure out what you shouldn’t be wearing when meeting his parents? Let us know in the comment section below!

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