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12 Meaningful Father’s Day Activities To Do With Dad

12 Meaningful Father’s Day Activities To Do With Dad

Sometimes it can be hard to plan Father’s Day activities that are meaningful and memorable to do with your dad. With it just around the corner there isn’t much time left to organise things, so we’ve come up with a list of 12 of our favourite Father’s Day activities so you don’t have to!

1. Start a Project

A good Father’s Day activity is to start a project with your dad that allows the both of you to spend some quality time together while creating something useful! This could be a clock, a birdhouse or a new side table. Here are some easy to follow instructions for a project you can start!


2. Go to a Sporting Event

Have a look and see if there are any sporting events on the same day for an awesome Father’s Day activity. You might be able to catch a football or baseball game for a fun day out with dad! This activity is awesome as the tickets double as a Father’s Day present.

3. Go Bowling

Another Father’s Day activity that you can do with dad is to go bowling. This activity is meaningful as you can spend time together while having a bit of fun competition. Bowling is a cheap and enjoyable activity that the whole family will be able to enjoy together!


4. Gone Fishing

Fishing is an excellent Father’s Day activity as it is a good way to spend some personal time together. Fishing takes a lot of patience, so while you are waiting for some bites you will have time to be able to talk and spend quality time with each other.


5. Beach Cricket

Playing a game of beach cricket is a Father’s Day activity that gets the whole family outside and playing together. This fun game lets you spend meaningful time with your dad with some light-hearted competition. Also, as a bonus this activity is free and easy to organise!

6. Go on a Picnic

This Father’s Day activity involves every dads’ favourite things: food. Plan a picnic with all of your dad’s favourite foods and drinks. You can go anywhere to have this picnic making it super easy! It could be your backyard, the local park, the beach or a nature reserve.

You could even have it somewhere near water for a post-picnic swim!


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7. Go Camping

Why only celebrate your dad for one day when you could celebrate him for the whole weekend with this next Father’s Day activity! Camping is an exciting adventure that brings the family together in the outdoors. Plan a camping trip at a local camping ground with hiking trails and river for a weekend of family fun.

8. Movie Night

Plan a movie night for a relaxed Father’s Day activity. Pop some corn and get your dad’s favourite soft drinks and snacks as you prepare for a well spent night in with your dad. Make sure you pick movies your dad will love!

9. Fancy Dinner at Home

Treat your dad to a fancy dinner for a fraction of the price with this Father’s Day activity. Plan, cook and create and fancy dinner at home for your dad. This activity will require a lot of effort and organisation, so will make your dad feel really spoilt. Make sure you have candles on the table and at least three courses served with champagne!


10. Go to a Museum or an Art Gallery

Another good Father’s Day activity is too check out the exhibitions that your local museum or art gallery has on Father’s Day. If there is something that your dad is super interested in, then you can purchase tickets and really make his day!

11. Beer Tasting

Take your dad on a beer tasting tour for a fun and boozy Father’s Day activity. Beer tasting is a fun way to treat your dad and the bonus is that you get to taste the beers too! Look out for places near you that have a good selection of craft beers.

12. Breakfast in Bed

This last Father’s Day activity is probably the most common, but we think it is the most meaningful and thoughtful. There isn’t much better than to be woken up to food, orange juice and coffee: a full breakfast without even having to get out of bed. Now that is service!


We hope your dad enjoys the Father’s Day activity you decide to plan! Let us know if he does in the comments below.

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