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10 Meaningful Father’s Day Activities To Do With Dad

Father’s Day is your chance to truly show your appreciation for your dad. Make his day extra special with these meaningful Father’s Day activities.

1)  Cook dinner together

There are very few things more meaningful than cooking a meal and eating it together. Pick something you know you’ll both enjoy and then spend a couple of hours preparing and eating. It’s a nice way to spend time together, giving you an activity to focus on but also one which you can talk during. Add some alcohol to the mix to make the whole event a bit funnier.

2) Watch the big sporting fixture

Go full cliché for this Father’s Day and watch some of his favourite sport, even if it’s not something you’re particularly interested in, and let him lecture you on positions, formations, techniques and likely outcomes. If you’re really lucky, he’ll pick a sport you like. If you’re a little less lucky, he’ll pick a sport that doesn’t go on for too long. If you’re seriously unlucky, he’ll choose cricket.

3) Go fishing

I have to say, of all the Father’s Day activities, I cannot think of a worse one than this but, if he’s into it, it can be a really lovely way to spend time together. It’s not all bad; if the weather is nice and you’ve brought a pillow, this could be a really relaxing way to spend time with each other out in the fresh air.

4) Take him clothes shopping

Unless he’s a remarkable man about town, he probably has a good old-fashioned ‘dad sense’ for dress. Take him shopping and help him pick out some clothes that will make him look better groomed.

5) Watch his favourite TV show

It could well be really boring, or it could be really fun. If you can’t face more episodes of a show that you know is awful, try and find a new show that will get his attention and make this slightly less of a chore.

6) Watch his favourite film

In a similar fashion to the TV show choice, there’s a chance you know what’s coming and you also know that you don’t like it. If you can convince him to watch something new, that can also be a fun activity as you test new waters together.

7) Go for a run together

A rogue choice and not for everyone, especially as your dad might not be able to do this anymore, but going for a job in the countryside or in the woods somewhere is a nice way to get fit and spend a bit of time together.

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8) Listen to his records

Stick on some of his old tunes in the background whilst you’re spending time together and everything will become a great deal more fun. Also, vinyl is indisputably the best way to listen to music and he probably has loads of it, so enjoy that too.

9) Talk about your favourite childhood memories

This is definitely one of the Father’s Day activities for the end of the day after a few beers or whiskies, but reminiscing over some of your fondest memories from when you were young can be a really nice way to connect on a deeper emotional level with your dad.

10) Thank him for being a great father

Short. Simple. So, so important.

What are your meaningful Father’s Day activities you’re going to do with your father? Are you going to try and hit all of the ones on this list? Or do you have a specific routine you’ve been doing for years and have a set list of Father’s Day activities you do? Whatever you do for your Father’s Day activities, we want to hear from you!

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