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We Ranked McDonald’s Least Healthy Foods Based On Calorie Count

I don’t think anyone has ever been fooled to believe that McDonald’s is a “healthy” fast food restaurant. Some of their items are a lot worse than others, though. You might be surprised about how many calories are really in some of your favorite foods from the joint. Here’s a list of McDonald’s least healthy foods:

1. Buttermilk tenders

This one is, unsurprisingly, the most calorie-filled food on the menu. Fried chicken is great, but it’ll run you more calories than you’re probably willing to take. For a 10-piece, it’s 1210 calories and for a 20-piece it’s 2430 calories.

2. Big breakfast with hotcakes

With all the starch and flour that comes with this dish, it’s no surprise that it comes with a hefty price of 1350 calories. The rest of the breakfast entourages don’t fall too far behind this one, either, calorie-wise.

3. Chicken McNuggets

In the same vein as tenders, nuggets are also quite high on the calorie ranking. For a 10-piece they are 440 calories, and for a 20-piece they are 890 calories.

4. Large chocolate McCafe shake

At 850 calories, this ranks high on the list. Chocolate is delicious, but also full of sugar. Most of the other large shakes fall right beside the chocolate.

5. Sweet BBQ bacon crispy chicken sandwich

This sandwich is one big pile of delicious. But it is also one big pile of calories, 800 of them to be precise!

6. Double quarter-pounder with cheese

A pretty popular favorite, the double quarter-pounder with cheese is 770 calories of beefy, cheesy goodness!

7. Maple bacon Dijon crispy chicken sandwich

What is it with this crispy chicken and the bacon? Similarly to number 5, this sandwich has 740 calories (of deliciousness).

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8. Signature sriracha crispy chicken sandwich

Not the sriracha! This bad boy comes in at 730 calories, just ten below the maple bacon Dijon sandwich.

9. Rolo McFlurry

700 calories for this chocolatey-cool treat.

10. Pico guacamole crispy chicken sandwich

One item that I didn’t even know existed, this sandwich has 680 calories making it one of McDonald’s least healthy foods!

If there’s anything we learned here, it’s that crispy chicken (sadly) will always have more calories than it’s grilled counterpart. Just because these are the highest-calorie foods, however, doesn’t mean it’s not okay to splurge every once in a while!

Are you surprised by McDonald’s least healthy foods? Let us know in the comment section below!

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