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The Craziest Mcdonald’s International Menu Items We Totally Want To Try

McDonald’s. It’s the premier fast food place in America, and chances are almost all of us have been there at least once. That being said, we all know the menu and what’s on it, even though we revert back to the same three orders every time we go. You might be surprised to know that a lot of menu items from America’s McDonald’s locations don’t always appear at international locations and vice versa. McDonald’s international menu items are some really unique and crazy foods that we are DYING to try!

1. Egg L T Bagel

Just like a traditional BLT sandwich, the Egg L T Bagel is a sandwich composed of eggs, lettuce and tomato inside two halves of a bagel. How inventive, Canada!

2. Coulant nocilla

This is basically a small lava cake with a hazelnut spread in the center (Nutella, anyone?)! Thanks McDonald’s Spain!

3. Ebi Filet-O

Basically, the filet-o fish with shrimp (ebi) instead of whatever they use here in America. You are quite the catch, Japan!

4. Trio of mini pastries

As far as McDonald’s international menu items go, this one hardly looks like Micky D’s! Leave it to France to offer a cheap serving of miniature pastries at McDonald’s. They look so cute and delicious!

5. Bacon potato pie

Another home run from Japan, this one is just mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese- all deep fried! FORGET the apple pie, potato is where it’s at!

6. Cheese empanadas

Chile, you’re making us all so jealous! We all know what empanadas are, so we are a little P.O.ed that our McDonald’s restaurants don’t offer them.

7.  Nurnburger

Only available in Germany, the nurnburger consists of three bratwursts rolled in mustard between some of the softest buns you can get at a McDonald’s.

8. McBeer

Yes, you read that correctly. Locations like Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain (and several more), offer straight up beer on their menus. Who wants to take a trip to Italy with me? If you ask me, McDonald’s international menu needs to become its local one, too.

9. Vegetarian pizza mcpuff

This one is from India, so it makes sense that it would be a vegetarian option. It’s basically like a pizza-flavored Hot Pocket except with some non traditional additions like peas and carrots.

10. Bacon Roll

Throughout the UK, McDonald’s locations offer a bacon roll, which is just a bunch of bacon and ketchup served on a sub-like bun. Sweet and simple!

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11. McArabia

No surprise this one comes from Morocco. It has two lamb patties with lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce inside of a flatbread!

12. Los beefos

From Germany, this is just a bunch of fried beef meatballs served with spicy salsa on the side. Meatballs in any way are delicious to me, so bring it on!

13. Samurai pork burger

Thailand offers up a teriyaki-soaked pork patty topped with lettuce, mayo and peppers. This sounds like a spicy meal that I would order on the regular.

14. McMolletes

From Mexico comes a serving of salsa, re-fried beans, and cheese all on top of a breakfast roll. This is really just a fast-food edition of a Mexican breakfast classic!

15. Laksewrap

Fried salmon with lettuce inside a flour tortilla. This can be either smothered in honey, wasabi, or nothing at all! Thanks Norway!

What crazy McDonald’s international menu items have you heard of? Let us know below in the comments!

Kassidy Barber

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