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Match-three Mobile Games And How To Know If They Are Worth Installing

There are many match-three mobile games out there, so it’s hard to decide which ones to keep and which ones to uninstall. Each has its own special things, but here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if it’s really a good one to keep or not. 


All of the match-three mobile games have characters in them that give a special charm to the game. Some have a backstory that you unlock as you progress through the levels, but others are just flat characters that are only there to cheer you on. 

Some of the more complex mobile games will have more than one character and those characters actually have depth to them. The personalities of these characters, and their relationships with the other ones, can make the game so much more enjoyable. 

Then there are characters whose personalities just don’t feel right. It might feel like they act out wrongly against the other characters who do something minor or accidentally break something even after the person apologizes. 

The characters that act out feel toxic and give off a negative vibe for the entire game. Especially if they are the main character that you will always see. It’s a lot like people watching in those scenarios: they act nice and cheering to you but rude and selfish to almost everyone else. 

These kinds of characters might turn someone off of the game entirely, despite it having good gameplay or good options. 


Oftentimes the story doesn’t have a huge impact on the game since you’re really just playing for stars to upgrade certain areas or to decorate an area. However, some people actually enjoy reading the little stories the characters tell us about. 

If the story is interesting, it can make the player want to keep it installed for longer. Especially if the story changes from time to time or has drama that is well written. If a story gets monotonous after an area or two, the player might not want to stay in the game since it can get boring. 

One thing to look for while you are deciding to stay in a game or not is to look at how the story evolves and if the creators left room for more development as you go up in levels. 

It’s even more fun when the story changes temporarily for events or seasons as you keep playing the game. Some of the best games can adapt to the seasons or events and keep the story progressing with side stories keeping you interested. 


This might be one of the key elements to look at when you are deciding to keep a game or not. Especially mobile games. The mechanics have to be well thought out and flow well. 

Oftentimes I have uninstalled a game because it got too laggy after getting farther into the game. This can be because there was too much on the screen, which can happen from time to time but it should be rare. 

A key mechanic of match-three games is the abilities that you can get during the gameplay itself. When you match three identical tiles, one thing happens. Match more, you get different experiences. Some mobile games will have bigger explosions for bigger combinations right away, and others let you save those powerups for when you need them later in that level.

More are opting for the latter option since it appeals to more players. But sometimes the effects and abilities these powerups give can be the thing that makes you keep it or uninstall it for good. 


We are at the point in technology where mobile games shouldn’t have bad graphics anymore unless that’s the style they are going for. 

That being said, some of the more serious gamers can notice when some graphics are better for match-three games than others. Especially if they play them all the time. 

The graphics should be consistent throughout the game, although the closeups of the characters can be more detailed than the overworld versions of them. As long as they are close enough for you to know who is who. 

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For the in-game play, it should be consistent and smooth no matter what. The only time it can be forgiven is if a lot is happening on the screen at once. Like when many powerups are going off at once. 

Bonus Play

A few match-three mobile games will include bonus plays. A popular one that has these all the time is Gardenscapes. There’s at least one every week where you can play different kinds of levels for chances of powerups, lives, or even a special area that is only available for a certain amount of time. 

Bonus plays can be helpful for when you run low on lives, but manage to beat certain criteria. The wins from this can be a set amount of lives, unlimited lives for a certain amount of time, or even powerups that can help you through tricky levels later on.

These bonus plays can usually make players stay on the game in the hopes that it will help them power through other levels, or even for the cute side stories that the bonus plays bring. 

They are never impactful on the main story but give just enough for you to enjoy some of the other characters that can pop in and out. 

Customization Options

This is one of the best parts of match-three games and the part that gets a lot of people to go into them. The customization options allow you to decorate furniture and rooms in your own style. 

The downside is that you are only given three options at first. Some games give you options later to upgrade to different options if you change your mind or new designs come out for those rooms. This can happen at any time but is especially popular to do during any holiday or national event. 

If you find a game that has options in your style, then it is definitely something to keep in mind since no one’s style is exactly the same. 

Have you played any match-three games and chose to keep or uninstall them for any of the reasons on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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