10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes that can be added into your daily beauty routine that includes a wide price range for all budgets.

Long lashes have always been something that too many of us spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to maintain. From false strip lashes to expensive extensions we are obsessed with adding length. If you are like me and cannot put on lashes to save your life, you are in luck. Here are 10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes.

1.  Better Than Sex – Too Faced

This is my instant go to and a long time favorite for long lashes. Too Face delivers with this mascara not only giving you dramatic length but also tons of volume.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

2. Troublemaker – Urban Decay

Troublemaker gives you crazy long lashes with just a few swipes. The brush has individual sections that separate as they lenghten so you never have to worry about clumps.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

3. Voluminous Lash – L’Oreal Paris

This is a great drug store alternative for everyone’s favorite Too Face’s Better Than Sex. This L’Oreal Paris product features very similar packaging, and brush shape that can give you long and voluminous  lashes while sticking to your budget.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

4. Rollerlash – Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics has proven themselves to be the go to brand for creating long lashes without paying for pricey extension applications. Rollerlash not only lengthens, but also curls lashes. An added bonus is that the formula contains vitamins B5 and serine which is great for lash conditioning.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

5. They’re Real – Benefit Cosmetics

‘They’re Real.” That is what you will be saying every time someone asks you about your lashes after that try this next Benefit product. Long lashes can finally come easy, along with separating, volume, and lifting.


6. Wonder Lash Lift Me – Rimmel London

Another affordable find comes in the form of Wonder Lash Lift Me. Its formula contains argan oil, so keep lashes moisturized, while the brush creates definition and clump free long lashes.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

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7. Perversion – Urban Decay

This is a perfect all in one mascara. Urban Decay’s offering gives you longer, bolder, and thicker lashes.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

8. Lash Princess False Lash Effect – Essence

You can easily achieve the look of false, long lashes with this Essence mascara. The cone shaped brush allows for crazy length and volume, all for an affordable price.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

9. Climax – Nars

This new offering from Nars provides you with a formula that is smudge free, super light weight and will not fade throughout your night. An added bonus is that the new formula is very buildable and will never leave your lashes feeling heavy or clumpy.

10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

10. Great Lash Mascara – Maybelline New York

This one is a definitely throwback, something that everyone had in their purses in middle school. Maybelline New York’s Great Lash Mascara has been around for years and is still a fan favorite for creating those ultra long lashes that you have craved for years.
10 Mascaras For Crazy Long Lashes

No matter what your budget is, you can still have crazy long lashes this season. Which one of these incredible mascaras are you going to add to your daily makeup routine? Comment below!
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