Manicure Tips To Get A Professional Look Without The Price

Every now and again you may want a manicure but may not be able to afford a professional manicure. Here are some tips and tricks to give yourself a professional-looking manicure at a fraction of the cost.


Before you start your manicure have your tools ready. To shape your nails like a professional manicurist you will need nail clippers, an emery board, nail buffer, cotton balls, cue tips, and a cuticle pusher. All of these tools serve a unique purpose to give you an amazing looking manicure and can be found on practically any beauty aisle in a store or a beauty supply store. Here are two tips to keep in mind when working on your manicure. A file is a great way to shape your nails for your manicure. When you are using a file go in one direction filing technique to create a smooth nail surface. Shaping your cuticle can be difficult to do, but never cut your cuticle it will leave you open for nail infection and you do not want that. Instead by using a cuticle pusher and moisture your hands you will be able to clear your nail surface without damaging your cuticle.

Manicure Tips To Get A Professional Look Without The Price

Nail Polish Free Cuticles

Maybe this has happened to you before, you were painting your nails and all of a sudden, your stroke becomes too wide and you now have nail polish on your skin around your nails. It happens, and the worst thing that you can do is use nail polish remover on your skin to remove it. One it dries out your skin. Secondly, it is a hard place to reach without removing the nail polish from your nails. Then if you try to replace the nail polish it looks uneven or causes you to start over by removing all the nail polish on your nails. Save yourself the headache and use Vaseline around your cuticles to protect your skin. When you are done just wipe off the Vaseline with a cotton ball to give your nails a professional look.

Base Coat, Nail Polish, And Top Coat

First, start with clean nails. Then apply a base coat to your nails to help the polish adhere to your nails better. It can also help to protect and strengthen your nails. Making your manicure last longer, helping your nails to not chip, and from staining your nails from the nail polish. There are several different types of nail polish that you can choose from to paint your nails. Basic nail polish lasts about five days before it begins to chips. Shellac nail polish is a hybrid of gel and nail polish and this type of polish can last somewhere between two to three weeks before it begins to chip. Gel nails last for about two to three weeks.  Finally, apply the topcoat. The topcoat is extra protection to prevent the chipping of the nail polish.

Manicure Tips To Get A Professional Look Without The Price

Professional Nail Polish Strokes

After you have applied your base coat then it is time to apply your nail polish. Put a drop of nail polish on the center of your nail above the cuticle. Then pull the drop of nail polish with the brush towards your cuticle and leave a small gap. Then pull the drop of nail polish with the brush towards the end of the nail. Go back to the base of the nail and pull around the curve of one side of the nail. Then do it again to the other side of the nail. Your nail should be completely covered with nail polish when you are done. Remember not to use thick nail polish because the outer of the nail polish will dry but the inside of the nail polish will not be dry leading to polish smearing. Use a nail polish thinner to help the polish cover and dry. This method will help the polish dry faster and keep it from smudging. Depending on your preferences you can add a second or third coat of nail polish. If you want a richer color then add more coats. Finally, add a topcoat if you are not going to add decorations.

Manicure Tips To Get A Professional Look Without The Price

Dry Nails

The worsts problem to have is wet nails for an extended amount of time because it puts your life on hold if you do not want to smug your nails on a surface.  There are several ways that you can attempt to have dry nails quickly. One way is to use ice water. All you need to do is place your nails in a bowl of ice water for about 30 seconds and they should be dry. Another way is to use nail polish dryer spray to get your nails dried quicker. If you are a person that does your nails more often or just want to try this method, you can invest in a nail dryer curing lamplight. If all those methods seem like adding more steps than you have time for, then you can purchase fast drying nail polish that dries instantly. Whatever your preference is you will have dry nails in no time.

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Manicure Tips To Get A Professional Look Without The Price

Removing Nail Polish

Depending on the nail polish type that you are using will require a different method for removing nail polish. For basic nail polish, you can use non-acetone remover. The solution allows you to remove the nail polish without drying out your nails. You want to keep your nails as strong as possible. But if you chose to use shellac nail polish or gel nail polish you are going to have to use acetone nail polish remover. It is stronger than non-acetone remover and helps get the nail polish off safer.

By following these tips and tricks you will have a professional-looking manicure and keep the integrity of your nails. These practices will help you keep your hands safe while giving you a manicure you will want to show off.

Which kind of nail polish have you had the most success with not chipping when giving yourself a manicure? Tells us in the comments!

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