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15 Manicure Ideas You Should Try For The Summer

15 Manicure Ideas You Should Try For The Summer

15 Manicure Ideas You Should Try For The Summer

It’s almost summer which means it’s time to style yourself for the season. If you’re looking for a way to make sure every part of your outfit is ready for the hottest season this list is for you. Below are a variety of manicures that scream summer. They range from fake nails, natural nails and over the top manicures. There is a design that will be perfect for every style.

1. Palm Trees

These nails are wonderfully bold, summery as well as being a bit vintage. The glittery palm tree is a great throwback to the eighties. This manicure is a bit bold, pastel neon and over the top. It definitely comes off a bit Miami Vice in the best possible way.

2. Flower Designs

Flowers are obviously a great choice when it comes to manicures, especially this time of year when everything is blooming. What makes these unique is that instead of putting them all over the nail or consistently in the same spot on the nails they switch up from top to bottom. Placing them randomly will help you stand out. A manicure with flower designs is definitely a classic but having them pieced on your nails in different positions helps make this more modern.


3. Sky Blue

If you want a bold manicure but not quite as bold as crazy designs consider painting your nails this vibrant, sky blue color. During other seasons a color this bright may seem costume-like but having it during the summer blends in perfectly with the aesthetic with the hottest time of year. On natural nails this manicure will look great, but if you add it to a pair of coffin-shaped nails it will be over the top fabulous.

4. Orange Ombré

A orange ombre manicure is perfect for this season because it will instantly remind everyone of one of the best summer treats, creamsicles. Summertime is a perfect excuse to try out manicures like this one, it’s the best time of year to be daring, bold and edgy.

5. White Leaves

This manicure is insanely classy. This is a style that is perfect if you’re someone who works in a more business professional office where the other manicures on this list might not look so good at. Yes this manicure does have a design but every other nail is a crisp, pristine shade of white. The palm leave designs are also more subtle, not nearly as loud as other designs. The best part about these nails is that it’s designed perfectly for natural nails.


6. Sky Ombré

If you ever wanted a manicure that will make you want to lay in the grass and watch the clouds pass overhead this is the one for you. This natural nail manicure is very dreamy, the light sky blue fades in perfectly to the white tip, making it a bit more than your average ombre.

7. Waves

This manicure will make it look like you dipped your fingers into the ocean. Although the design isn’t technically waves, it’s a marble design, if you use colors like this it will surely recreate the image of water thrashing around in the ocean. These nails are absolutely incredible and a manicure that you might honestly want to keep all summer long. The navy blue color of the rest of the nails will help this manicure to go with several summer outfits.

8. Flower Tips

Flower tips are another great option. This manicure takes a classic french tip and maintains it’s dainty dignity while modernizing it. By keeping the rest of the nail clear, showing off the actual color of your nails, helps to make sure this design isn’t too overbearing. If you still want some sort of polish underneath it make sure you pick something flesh toned that won’t take away from the flowers.


9. Glittery Ocean Ombré

Here’s another great look if you’re wanting something bold. These glittery nails are perfect for summertime concerts and especially outdoor music festivals. This manicure would be beautiful on natural and fake nails. Be sure if you do decide to have glittery nails you put a topcoat on them so that way they’re smooth.

10. Statement Leaves

This is perfect if you’re wanting to leave the rest of your nails practically bare and just want one statement nail on each hand. These leaves are small, dainty and perfect if you’re someone who is more reserved and polished with their style. The extra chicness of these nails is that they aren’t a nude color and they aren’t white, they’re actually a very fair, blush pink. Which compliments the forest green of the leaves.

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11. Sunflower

Summertime means spending all of your time outside and enjoying how beautiful everything has become from the sunshine. This includes the opportunity to be around plants and especially sunflowers. If you want to have a bit of sunshine on your fingers at all time consider getting your nails done with sunflower yellow and getting the drawing of a flower on your actual nail.

12. Pastel Rainbow

The summer is also time for pride month which means it’s a perfect excuse to paint your nails all the colors of the rainbow. If you don’t want to make your fingers look like a crayon box instead consider getting the rainbow  in pastel colors so that way they aren’t too terribly loud.

13. Yellow Plaid

This is very clueless and very cute. Another great thing to try would be to have one or two statement nails with yellow neon plaid. This yellow is very hot right now, which is fitting for the warmest season of the year.


14. Cotton Candy

Summer is a time to enjoy all of the delicious boardwalk or fair food out there. So why not make sure your hands look like they are a mouthwatering treat? Try painting your nails into this unique and interesting cotton candy look.

15. Neon Flames

Last but certainly not least are these flaming, hot nails. These nails are entirely too hot which means that they are amazing. Another great way to get into the neon trend would be doing a flame tip with the rest of your nail bare. Bonus points if you actually have a nifty little lightening bolt tattoo to go along with it.

What kind of nails do you want this summer? Comment below!