Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

After a long winter, treat yourself to a much deserved mani pedi! Nothing spells summer like beautifying up your hands and toes in bright, colorful shades. ‘Cause let’s get real, your toes and fingers are much more taken care of and pampered when you’re not having to hide them in boots and gloves all winter long.

Once summer hits, you’ll have endless opportunities to paint and show off your decorated nails. Mani pedi season means wearing all the pretty pastel shades and neon colors you couldn’t in winter. It is also a chance to get creative and experiment with different color patterns and nail shapes. 

I’ve never been a fan of false nails. I’ve seen one too many friends who would wear fake nails and had a freak accident that left them with a damaged fingernail. Instead, I choose to rock my natural nails when I go for a mani pedi. 

Long nails. Short nails. Fake nails. Or Real ones. No matter what your style is, we have some great mani pedi color combinations for summer you need to try. Sometimes the hardest thing about going to the nail salon is choosing which color (s) to get. Read on for our favorite color combinations you can choose once flip flop weather arrives.

Nude & Red

Paint a beigy color on top so it flatters every outfit. Then chose a firecracker red for your toes. Or choose to wear both beige and red on both hands and feet. You can have the nail technician give you a similar style pictured below. With a nude base and red stripes careful placed you can wear this mani pedi with any outfit without it clashing. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Yellow & White

Having white toes and yellow nails will certainly pop on sun-kissed skin. Choose a soft yellow or a bright one. Both will look great on all skin tones.

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Bright Orange & Mint

Something about this combo makes us think of beach umbrellas. Go for the neon orange on your hands and contrasting mint on your toes.

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Lilac & Dark Grey

I just love these two colors because they compliment each other so well. For a mani pedi, choose the lighter purple shade on your nails and paint the darker grey on toes for a contrasting style. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Dark Blue & Baby Blue

No need to feel blue with these fun colors! Two toned colors are the perfect mani pedi combo we will be seeing a lot of this summer. If you’re having a hard time choosing two shades of blue you can also try out an ombré effect by picking five shades of blue and painting each nail from light to dark or dark to light to make a statement. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Green with Envy

Choose a mint color mani and vivid hunter green for your pedi. Don’t be afraid to be matchy-matchy. A fun idea to dress up solid color nails is to also give them a theme. With green, you can create safari or jungle inspired nails with painted trees in a contrasting color than the base.


Blue and red are on opposites sides of the color wheel for a reason, making them complementary colors to wear all year round. The peek of summer is Fourth of July weekend. What better way to be festive and patriotic than wearing red, white, and blue nails for the occasion. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Go Neutural

Take a break from a bold and bright mani pedi with a neutral nail. You don’t always have to wear a bright color when getting your nails done. Neutral colors are arguably the most versatile nail color.  They go with every outfit so you’ll never have to worry about a fashion clash. Plus, they tend to camouflage chips better than bright red nail polish would.

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You can always rely on a neutral for anything from weddings to work. From light to dark, shimmery to opaque—for every skin tone. Your nails will always look freshly done. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

White & Coral

I generally love wear white nails in the summer on my hands and favor wearing a bright color on toes like coral. I’m not a huge fan of pink in general but coral is a great pinkish orange that I actually love and can get behind. 

Shake up a normal mani pedi and opt for a party nail. You can get creative and add a design to one nail to dress up and add flair to your mani pedi. A party nail is not too overwhelming and won’t make your nails look too busy or gaudy. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Barbie Pink & Bright Yellow

Pink and yellow colors are perfect for the adventurous girl whose known for her bold fashion choices. You can’t get any bolder than Barbie pink and neon yellow nails! You can choose to paint each nail ever other color for a mani pedi combination that’s perfect for summer. Or choose a bold yellow for your manicure and the bright Pepto Bismol color for your toes or vice versa.

These are the perfect nails to wear for all those instagram-worthy photos you take showing off that glass of ice cold sangria you are casual sipping by the pool while simultaneously showing off your new mani pedi set for everyone to see.

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Aqua & Cobalt

This monochromatic duo instantly transport you to a beach even if you are stuck behind your desk all day. When I think of these two colors I can’t help picturing surfing trunks. It’s almost as if this mani pedi combo is made for the water. If you’re a lover of the ocean like myself, this mani pedi combo would be fitting for you. 

Mani Pedi Color Combos We Love For Summer 2020

Get excited for warmer weather by fantasizing about the endless mani pedi designs you’ll be able to rock once summer is here. Do you get a mani pedi on the regular? If so, what are your go to color combinations that you can wear both at work and at a day lounging on the beach? Lets us know in the comment section below.

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