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7 Male Trends Straight From The Runway

The male fashion industry is evolving and adapting on its own each year. From breaking stereotypes to deconstructing the typical men’s fashion shows, the recent runways and predictions for men fashion wear of the year 2020 present a whole new set of male trends out of the box. We no longer see men walking the catwalk with plain suits, the rough men type or the standardized colors in dark shades for their clothes. Instead, we see designers being bolder and moving forward presenting new silhouettes in men’s garment, paler shades and more prints.

In some cases, we have even seen an expansive growth of a more non-gender type of clothing, with the use of pieces such as skirts or dress in an all exclusive men runways. Men’s fashion is turning into a more diverse industry, where freedom is starting to reign over the traditional ideas of constructing male trends. From the biggest runways and designers in the past few years, we want to introduce a whole new list of male trends that you might want to start digging.

1. The Formal The Palest

Some people use suits every day for work, others just on special occasions such as prom, but there’s no doubt that they have always been a key element in men’s fashion wear. But this new male trend evolves the traditional suit into a more diverse garment, not only in shape but in color. Introducing paler colors as the new favorite for this season’s suits. Designers such as Acne Studios or Louis Vuitton are opting for shades of pale gray, yellow, lemon, pink and lavender for their suit design. We also checked a change in materials used for making the suits which make the choices more diverse for the men of today!

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2. Spot The Print

Animal print has been in the custody of women’s garments for far too long. Recently they decided to share a few spots with their male companions and the result is breathtaking. From simple t-shirts to long coats designers such as Celine have decided to introduce this loved print into their menswear collections. It was a risky move, but the trend has been really welcomed by fashion lovers! And it has been so contagious even fast-fashion brands have started to include this male trend in their pieces.

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3. Oversize Over Cozy

Remember when joggers were all that men wear? Well, this male trend brings the same comfort feeling but with a more stylish vibe. Following the athleisure trend, big fashion designers mixed comfy pieces such as oversized wool sweaters with formal pants or suit coats. We also have a variety of big scarfs, sweatpants, loose shorts all match with sportive shoes or formal boots to have that balance between the coziness of the outfit without losing the style of it. Check out designers’ runways such as OffWhite to see more examples of this trend.

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4. Skirts Won’t Bite

Skirts have been reserved for woman and cultural purpose only such as the Scottish kilt, but, surprise, surprise! Designers such as Loewe and Thom Browne have started to erase these gender lines with their bold runways including men skirts as if it was no big deal. Also, this garment has evolved from being the classic black skirt to transform into a more different element including pleats and a whole new set of shades and prints. This male trend is definitely still risky to use but trust us, you’ll be turning heads if you follow it!

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5. Don’t Skip Leg Day

Shorts are back and, in some cases, shorter than ever! Which means skipping leg day at the gym is a no-no unless you want to shade away from this male trend, which you shouldn’t. Designers such as Dries Van Noten are now combining your classical shorts with suit jackets, transparencies and a wide range of materials and color, perfect for this Spring or your Summer vacation. Match these shorts with sneakers or classic sandals, your choice to be part of this male trend!

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6. You Can’t Have Enough

Pockets are never enough, and runway designers know that! Avoid carrying an extra bag and tousle it all in your pockets just as Christopher Raeburn propose it. These heavy looking garments such as utility vests or cargo trousers should be matched with simple t-shirts and sneaker or combat boots shoes to balance the looks. Still, don’t be afraid to experiment with these super useful garments in your own unique way to be part of this male trend.

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7. Dye-It-Tye-IT

Tie-dye comes stronger in the male industry this season! From A-Cold-Wall to Ermenegildo Zegna designers have decided to introduce all kinds of shibori techniques including paint splatters and tie-dye effects on all their garments establishing a whole new male trend. Doesn’t really matter if we are talking about shorts, trousers or complete suits the playfulness of this prints is turning heads!

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Are you ready to jump into any of these trends? Let us know if you do!

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