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10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019

10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019

10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019

The modern-day guy is not drawn to the thought of proving their masculinity. No longer is it a requirement to challenge the toughest male to prove authority or act macho. Somewhere in 2012, the LBGTQ community became more than a group of people who were discriminated against because of their sexuality: it became a lifestyle to embrace. Ultimately creating the trends for the next generation, in 2018 men were proud to be in touch with their feminine side without it taking away from their masculinity. This thought process opened a new window in the world of fashion for men, and in 2019 fashion has only enhanced, steering towards a more unisex direction. So, with this in mind, here are 10 fashion trends for guys!

Fannies for guys

Fanny packs are back, and they’re not just for women. At the beginning of 2018 fanny packs made an epic comeback to fashion; first, the fannies became a work out style, but now they are casual wear, and in 2019 I’m expecting to see more men than ever replacing traditional wallets with the fannies. Guys realized that backpacks are too big, and wallets are too small, so thank goodness for the fanny pack.

10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019


Layers on layers

Layering became trendy in 2017, and this trend will continue into 2019. Men are testing fashion’s boundaries and the idea of unisex clothing has become more popular, especially in 2019. Creating clothing that is structured for both male and female requires layers to fit the various body types, expanding on the idea that one item does fit all, in efforts to eliminate discrimination.

High Waters

If you were born in the late ’90s, I’m almost positive that you can identify with the phrase “high water ” pants. These are pants that were unintentionally short in the hem and often rise above the ankles. Growing up, kids made fun of anyone with high water jeans on, but thanks to the skater takeover, these jeans and pants are one of the top trendy styles for men in 2019.


In the 90s and early 2000s it wasn’t “cool” to be considered smart; during this era, the baggy jeans and big shirts were “gangster.” However, in 2019 no one wants to be deemed unintelligent, in fact, everyone is “woke” and believes they have figured out the purpose of everything, including humanity. Guys of this generation are no exception to this trend, and in doing so they are openly wearing glasses.


Fitness Wear

Thanks to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign in 2010, the rise of healthy eating reached heights like no other. In doing so, more and more people have become health conscious and are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. In 2012 the CDC reports showed that the obesity rate decreased by 3.7% and has decreased even lower since that time. Inevitably this increase in health awareness sparked the trend of fitness wear.

Patterns equal flare

Pattern was created to entice a unique element in fashion. At first, formal wear for men was only solid color three-piece suits. Now, patterns are at the center of the runways, displaying creativity and are no longer considered informal or flamboyant.

Yeezy’s are still in

Many thought that the Yeezy fad would soon end, but in 2018 rapper Kanye West’s sneaker Yeezy became one of the highest selling brands in fashion. Kanye released a season of Yeezys and opened several new stores including Los Angeles; more than ever we are seeing people wear Yeezys.


10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019

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Chains are literal

Jewelry has always been an important accessory in fashion, and rappers are known for their chains. However, in 2019 chains are not only a household item but the merchandise makes the word chain literal. More than ever I am seeing males wear actual chains, for example, rappers Jaden Smith, Xxxtentacion and even model MaleMadonna.


Black Nails

Remember the term “Goth” used to describe emotionally disturbed people who often wore all black? Well, goth and punk rock people were the only ones who originally wore black nail polish, but in 2018 several male models walked runways with black nail polish. No longer are you stereotyped for having black nails as a guy.

Dad hats

You know the saying “same thing, different face” or at least something like that, but this basically describes dad hats. They are just baseball caps that guys have brought back in 2019. Every year a recycled hat is given new life, whether it’s a turban or a snapback, there’s a popular hat in the mix.

10 Male Fashion Trends That Are On Fire For 2019


You may notice that many of today’s trends for guys are influenced by the trends of women. This is no coincidence, fashion has always been a statement to describe who you are, and the time period we are living in. These trends speak the message of gender equality, and whether you agree with it or not, these are the times that we’re living in and don’t forget, guys wearing pink is no longer a bold statement.

What trends do you think are popular? Are there any new fashion trends that I didn’t mention?

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