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Male Clothing Items That Make Women’s Heads Turn

Men. They are attractive and one thing that makes them more attractive is the clothing they wear. A greatly dressed man is one of the greatest things in the world. There is nothing more disappointing than when a good-looking man is poorly dressed. But we know that we are all guilty of turning our heads when we see a man dressed in something we like. There are various pieces of swoon worthy men’s clothing and I wish I could see men dressed in them all the time. There really is just something about an attractive man in attractive clothing. We all have our preferences but here is a list of swoon worthy men’s clothing that most woman will turn their heads for. You know a man is wearing a solid outfit when you literally stop what you’re doing to turn and look at them. 

1. A perfectly tailored suit.

Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen a man in a suit that fits? The most swoon worthy men’s clothing is a nice fitted suit. There’s just something about seeing a man, especially a man who normally doesn’t wear one, in a suit. As women, we notice when guys dress up and most of the time it’s one of the most attractive things they can do. A suit jacket that fits nicely around the shoulders, sleeves that reach just before your wrists, and pants that are hemmed properly are usually going to turn a head turn from the women you walk by in this outfit. A suit is super swoon worthy clothing, but don’t just wear it. Make sure to wear it well. 

2. A nice sweater or button up with the sleeves rolled up.

Rolling up the sleeves and showing a little arm is another thing you can do to receive looks from the ladies. Sweaters and button ups are especially soon worthy men’s clothing if the sleeves are rolled up. The rolled up sleeves give guys a cool, casual, and approachable look and it suggests that while you were dressed in a dressier fashion, you can turn that look into something you can just chill in and relax. Toning down the button up or the sweater is a smart move for any man and that’s why the rolled up sleeves are a swoon worthy men’s clothing alteration. 

3. A classy winter coat.

Think Edward Cullen in Twilight and that nice grey pea coat he wears. A nice jacket is swoon worthy men’s clothing even if it is simple and still gets the job down. Whether it’s a bomber jacket, a sports coat, a leather jacket, or even a jean jacket, as long as it is a little dressier and suitable for the winter it is an attractive jacket in most women’s book. You can even take it a notch further and pair it will a nice pair of dark pants and some dressier shoes and you’ll have yourself an outfit made up of all swoon worthy men’s clothing. A classier jacket can dress up any outfit while still keeping you warm and comfortable. A win win for everybody.  

4. Slim fitted khakis.

Khakis can dress up an outfit just a little more than jeans and woman like it when it looks like you put effort into getting dressed. A nice pair of slim fitted khakis is swoon worthy men’s clothing is because it adds a different color and demeanor to every outfit. Nothing draws more female attention and when men wear pants that fit them properly. We are way past the stage of baggy jeans and we’ve started to leave skinny jeans in the past as well. When a man wears a good pair of khakis, women notice. Pair them with a simple t-shirt and some white sneakers and you’ve got swoon worthy men’s clothing on from head to toe.  

5. A fitted, solid color t-shirt.

This one might seem super simple and boring, but it’s actually swoon worthy men’s clothing that a lot of women stand by. A fitted t-shirt that is either all black, all white, all grey, all maroon, or what ever solid color a man wants to wear that day is one of the best pieces of male clothing. Yes, it’s super easy to just pull on a t-shirt, but the simplicity of the t-shirt is what catches the eyes of women everywhere. Plus, have you ever met a man who couldn’t pull off a fitted solid color t-shirt? When a t-shirt is well fitted it shows off a man’s physique and what woman wouldn’t want to see that? It’s comfortable, easy, and budget friendly while still being one of the top swoon worthy men’s clothing items.  

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6. A pair of nicer shoes.

Whether it’s a boot, an Oxford, or even a loafer, a pair of dressier shoes is swoon worthy men’s clothing (and yes, shoes are considered clothing). When a man wears a shoe that is a little nicer than his normal pair of sneakers it again proves that they put a little more effort into dressing themselves that day; nice shows just elevate any outfit. It’s not mystery that women like a man who dresses up every once in a while and puts more effort into their outfits, and a nice pair of shoes just highlights when they do that. Great taste in shoes means the guy most likely has great taste in a bunch of other things. It’s wise to have at least a couple pairs of nicer shoes to pair with different outfits for different occasions. Slip on those boots for a night out with a lady and she’ll notice. 

7. Pants that show off some ankle.

This one has become popular recently and has definitely become a swoon worthy men’s clothing. I don’t exactly know why but women are loving the man ankle and any pair of pants that gives us a glimpse of it. There’s just something about when a guy sits down and his dress pants come up to expose his ankles. We especially like it if the pants go really well with the shoe that are below the ankle. Guys can achieve this swoon worthy men’s clothing look by either cuffing or rolling up pants like jeans, chinos, and khakis, or asking their tailor to hem their dressier trousers. You want to show just enough ankle so that women can see it, but not too much where it looks like you just went through a crazy growth spurt.

What sort of men’s clothing turns your head and makes you swoon? How would you combine some of these items to make the perfect male outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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