Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

When it comes to street wear fashion, sometimes the simplest of accessories MAKE the look. The perfect example of this type of statement can be seen with tube socks!

While you might not have thought of tube socks as more than a staple item in your dad’s closet, they can be so much more! Here are some of the best way to style these classic socks to make a major fashion statement!

Find the Perfect Pair

When truly making tube socks a fashion statement, it is crucial to get yourself a great pair! With sportswear brands being so popular in today’s fashion trends, I would recommend getting a pack of tube socks by your favorite Athletic wear brand! My two top choices are Nike and Adidas, but this does not mean your choices are limited to those two brands! Think about if you want tube socks that have a brand logo visible at the top of the sock, or want a simple, unbranded pair, and go from there when shopping!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

Pair Them With White Sneakers

There is no question that white sneakers are still all the rage when it comes to street wear fashion, so why wouldn’t you embrace this sneaker trend with a trendy pair of tube socks? I personally love the look of white on white when throwing on a pair of tube socks with your white sneakers, but you could venture out and go with black tube socks as well! I wear my white Nike tube socks with my Air Force 1’s nearly every single day, and it is a trend that I do not see declining anytime soon!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

Pair Them With a Sundress

While I LOVE girly sundresses, sometimes I just don’t feel like I am fully myself while wearing them. However, this feeling instantly changes when I throw on a pair of tube socks and sneakers to complete the look! If this is something you have also dealt with when putting on a girly dress, or are simply trying to add a sportswear vibe to one of your favorite floral mini dresses, tube socks are the perfect accessory to complete the look while making a statement!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

Pair Them With Cropped Jeans

When putting together an outfit with your favorite pair of cropped jeans, add a pair of tube socks to the look to make a whole new statement! While “no-show” socks might be the first thought to throw on with your cropped jeans and sneakers, a great way to spice this up is to add some tube socks instead! One of my personal favorite looks is a pair of light wash jeans, black tube socks, and black Old Skool Vans! Try this look out for yourself, and you will definitely be making a killer fashion statement without even needing to try!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

Pair Them With an Oversized Hoodie

One of my favorite fashion trends of the moment is an oversized hoodie, otherwise known as the “sweater dress.” Celebrities like Ariana Grande have been sporting this pants-less sweatshirt look on the regular, so why can’t you do it too? When it comes to perfecting the styling of this outfit, tube socks are the answer. For example, just throw on a grey XL hoodie, spanks/booty shorts (that you won’t even see), white tube socks, and your favorite little booties. Just like that, you have the COMFIEST, yet TRENDIEST look ever!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

Tube Socks and Slides? Why Not?!

I practically live in my Adidas shower slides, so luckily they are actually quite the fashion trend of the moment. If you are looking to fully commit to a sport wear fashion look, pair your favorite sporty slides with some tube socks! Whether you choose to style this pairing with a pair of running shorts and a hoodie on your weekly Target run, or dress it up a bit with your favorite jeans, I think that tube socks and athletic slides are a great way to make a fun new fashion statement!

Making Tube Socks a Fashion Statement

If you don’t already own a pair or two of tube socks, it’s time to run to Target and grab yourself a pack! Found these styling tips helpful? Let us know down below in the comments!

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