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Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Contrary to what our Instagram feeds make us believe, we all experience bad days, downfalls, and obstacles of different sorts. We may not show it, but everyone struggles and feels low at times. What may feel and appear to be the worst day of your life, can always be improved- even in the slightest. Try not to waste your time and energy on negative thinking and use these solutions to improve even the worst day of your life.

Take a break from social media.

Take a break from social media- especially Instagram. Instagram itself isn’t evil, but it also won’t help your mindset. Scrolling through pictures of beautiful, happy people will not affect your mind in a positive way when you’re feeling down. If I’m upset and catch myself scrolling through Instagram, it always seems to overwhelm me and bring even more negative thoughts. Trust me, a detox from Instagram (even only for a little while) will help you clear your mind and focus on the good things happening in your own life.

Whether it be for an hour or for a few days, anything will help. I always find that taking a break from social media helps me to clear my mind and not be so focused on what everyone else is doing. Too much of anything isn’t good- even social media. When/if you return to Instagram, try following more uplifting and positive pages. It can be refreshing to read words of encouragement or seeing a motivational post. Be conscious of your social media use, as well as the pages which you choose to follow.

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Self-help books are there to help you.

This isn’t the time to smile and pretend you’re fine, it’s okay to admit that you need a little help sometimes. It can be tempting to push aside and ignore your problems, but sometimes the best way to feel better is to accept and acknowledge the situation which is ruining your day. When I don’t feel like talking out my feelings, I always find it helpful to read books with uplifting and motivational messages.

My favorite personal growth book is Jen Sincero’s bestseller, You Are A Badass, even if you don’t enjoy reading, I definitely recommend giving this book a shot if you’re in need of a pick-me-up. Jen Sincero gives solutions to navigating life and learning to love yourself, all while incorporating quality humor. This book never fails to improve my mood and gives me a new perspective on things. Judgement Detox, by Gabrielle Bernstein, is also a great book for relieving stress and handling conflicts. There are numerous self-help books that will aid you in clearing your mind and reminding you how great you are.

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Take yourself to the gym.

It can be tempting to lay in bed all day crying and watching movies- trust me, I know. I don’t recommend digging yourself into a deeper hole than you’re already in, though. Even though this may be the last thing you feel like doing, the best fix is a great workout. There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite playlist and sweating out any anger or stress you’re feeling. If I’m not in the mood to put together a workout, I’ll either sign myself up for a high-intensity class or go for a run outside.

Despite which emotions I’m feeling, a strenuous workout always helps me to burn off steam and remove myself from reality. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that exercise has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for the mind- often resulting in higher confidence, feelings of accomplishment, and greater mental strength. This is one of my favorite solutions to cope with a rough day or week. Before you give up entirely, throw on your favorite outfit and take your self to the gym.

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Make some time for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with canceling plans to take care of yourself. Whether it be a bubble bath, a manicure, or your favorite hobby- it’s important to do things that make you happy. Life can be hectic, so don’t be afraid to give yourself a break from reality and escape to your favorite lunch spot. When a day feels so terrible that I don’t know how to talk about it or fix it, I often like to sit at the park alone and just try to sort out my thoughts.

If I don’t do that, I’ll occupy myself by painting or doing something else I enjoy. It’s important to make time for the things which make you happy because these are what will keep your mind healthy. Even if it’s not a bad day, I always find it refreshing to enjoy some alone time and take a break from everything. Every now and then, take time to clear your schedule and detox your mind from the stress of life. Even your brain needs a little healing time now and then.

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Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Surround yourself with positive people who care.

I find that surrounding myself with people who genuinely care about me and exert positivity brings me a sense of peace. It’s important to make a conscious effort when choosing who you spend your time and surround yourself with. By no means are they responsible for your mental health but choosing good friends can alleviate stress and provide a positive role model for you. Surrounding yourself with negative or mean people will likely only be an obstacle in your personal growth.

In turn, you’re having a rough day, don’t be afraid to let your friends and family know. No one expects you to be happy all the time, so don’t feel embarrassed or self-conscious to express your struggles. I like confiding in my friends because they often offer me a new perspective on a situation and helpful advice. It’s also a good idea to turn to your parents or older family members who may have more experience and knowledge to offer than your own.

Even though I hate to admit it, my parents are usually right and provide great advice. If their advice doesn’t help, it’s always great to be reminded of those who care and to hear a loving voice. It’s easy to isolate yourself and push aside problems, but when you gather the courage to let others know you need some extra love- I can guarantee your day will do a 180.

Making The Worst Day Of Your Life Better

Even the worst days of my life have some positive light in them. This is because I turn to my caring friends and family, my favorite self-help book, a tough work out or even just some quiet time to help me cope with life.

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