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Making the Decision: What Type of Halloween Costume to Wear

Making the Decision: What Type of Halloween Costume to Wear

Halloween is upon us, which means the stress of finding the perfect costume is taking up more of our concentration that we are willing to admit. This time of year always reminds me of something one of my middle school teachers once said: his Halloweens were ruined because of girls opting for more provocative costumes.

Well I (a boy) decided to go full-on provocative my freshman year. I donned Halloween costumes that ranged from magic mike, or what I coined as “blajic” mike, to a sexy cop, and even Harry Potter (I know, not so sexy). Although these types of provocative costumes aren’t for everyone, there is nothing wrong with showing a little skin on Halloween.

However, this year I can’t decide if I want to go the sexy route again, therefor I’ve decided to revert to the effective pros and cons list. Lets get to it!


Bringin’ Sexy Back

The beauty of Halloween is that it is the one day of the year where it is acceptable to bring out the clothes in your closet that you’ve been too self-conscious to whip out. That’s right, get your tube top on and strut like you mean it! The beauty about the sexy costume is that there is an array of costumes to choose from. You can be a sexy angel or a sexy nurse or even walk around as a Victoria’s Secret model. I think that the biggest thing for everyone to remember about a sexy Halloween is that you should be wearing it for you and you only. Don’t wear a costume expecting  to get attention from someone else, wear it because it make YOU fell confident and sexy. And if you just so happen to catch the eye of some pretty boy/girl, then heyyyyyyy. But if not, don’t sweat it, cause you’re sexy and you should KNOW IT!


The one thing that I know about a scary Halloween costume is that anyone who wears them scores mad respect from me. It is incredible to walk around school on Halloween night and see that people really put effort into their outfits, holding on to the true spirit of Halloween. Last year, one of my friends was a zombie bride and I could not help but stand up an clap for her when she showed me the pictures from her night. Not only are you reppin’ the day on multiple levels of excellence, but you’re letting your creative talents shine through. Once you decide to go out with a scary costume on Halloween, you have one thing in mind – have fun! So work the tussled hair, pack on that heavy eye liner and GET IT!

Fashion Killas Unite!

When you decide to wear a trendy Halloween costume, you should look for an option that relates to you in some way. I say this because for the most part, trends are controlled by the subjectivity of the human character. And being that every person is different, their likes and dislikes must be different, thus creating a difference in the trends that they follow. Many might say that having a trendy costume is un-spirited, but it can sure as hell be the most comfortable. It is low maintenance, which means not much effort is required to get ready, meaning you can get out early and have fun faster than anyone else. Plus, if your goal is to talk to that special someone, they won’t be blinded by your costume and really get a glimpse of who you are as a person. Because one of my favorite TV shows is Scandal, I think I will be dressing up as Olivié Pope (Olivia Pope but as a guy).

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My costume will keep me warm (she wears a lot of coats), I get to strut, and it’s a poppin’ show so I score points on creativity. The best thing to remember about trendy costumes is that they can equate to you wear anything and everything…or maybe even nothing. I mean hey, ghosts and ghouls aren’t the only freaks that are allowed to come out that night.


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