6 Making Out Tips You Should Have Learned Before College

These making out tips should help master your kissing. Here's how to make out without freaking the other person out. These kissing techniques score big time

Make outs can go one of three ways: fine, out-of-this-world or terribly. It’s truly astonishing how many people have no clue on how to perfect a kiss. I’m sure a great deal of you has only had a handful of kiss that was to die for. Whether you’re a make out pro or kissing rookie, these are a few making out tips that should guarantee you are never classified under the “terrible kisser” list – that would fucking blow.

1. Slow It Down

This is one of those making out tips that is easy to achieve and goes a long way. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s the worst when someone feels as if they are literally trying to eat your face off. Thanks but no thanks. Try slowing down your kisses. It’ll absolutely turn up the heat.

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2. Chill With the Tongue

Again, the worst thing in the world is someone who shoves their tongue down your throat. Steer clear of using a lot of tongue. It’s honestly quite overrated and very distracting. Whoever told you to do the alphabet in their mouth was dead wrong. Don’t go there – that is one of the many popular making out tips you need to avoid.

3. Breathe

Catch your breath for a moment or two. It’ll intensify the moment.

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4. Bite Their Lip

But don’t yank it off. Try not to do this one too frequently. It’s supposed to come as a surprise when you are kissing. It’s bound to turn the other person on. Don’t be that person who bites down so hard the person wakes up with a swollen lip. This goes along with slowing it down – keep in gentle. If anyone told you to tug on their lip, ignore it – it’s another one of those making out tips that aren’t beneficial. Biting can hurt so keep it to a minimum.

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5. Brush Your Teeth

This is one of those making out tips that is a given. Nobody wants to make out with someone who has gross breath.


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6. Hickies are a No

Again, whoever told you giving hickies was one of those successful making out tips was wrong. I’m not sure why people think this is attractive but they aren’t. It doesn’t make you cool to have a hickey on your neck. That means giving them is a no.

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