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5 Makeup Trends To Try this Fall

5 Makeup Trends To Try this Fall

Whether you favor a bold, dark pout and minimal makeup or a sexy, smokey eye with a barely-there lip, these are 5 makeup trends you’ll be dying to try this fall!

1) The Burgundy Lip

The red lip has been a trend for decades. Why not try a new update on the classic by reaching for red’s darker, more sensual cousin, burgundy? Whether you choose to toughen it up with a leather LBD and a denim jacket (studded ankle booties, a given!), or keep it classy with a blazer, button-down blouse, and pencil skirt, you’ll look simpy stunning with this bold hue! *cue sassy hand flip*

2) Stamping Stars

Head out to your nearest makeup/beauty supply shop to hop on board one of the most intriguing makeup trends of the season. Chances are they will have a makeup stamp pen that can form various shapes, such as stars, hearts, flowers, and more! What could be a more perfect accent to your cozy flannel button down than this butterfly eye decal (besides a pumpkin patch backdrop and PSL in hand, of course)?


3) Golden Globes Worthy Eyeshadow

So many of our favorite things this season have a bronze color scheme – pie, cider, pie, pie, football, candles…that smell like apple…pie. A great way to tie in one of the warmest colors of the season is to glam up those pretty peepers of yours with a glimmering golden eye-shadow palette! For a fun night out, dare to go sparkly with some gold eyelash tinsel.

4) Sea (Green) You Around Campus

Just because the leaves change color doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to the color green…or even the ocean. Pay some homage to summer lawns and beachy waves by rimming your lower lash line with a cream-based sea green pencil liner. Ahhh, we can feel the weather warming up already!

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5) In the Nude

You can never go wrong with leaving your face mostly bare, highlighting only one facial feature of your choice. A bold lip color will really “pop” with less competition from mascara, for example, and a smoky eye will appear even more daring without any distraction from a made-up mouth!

Which of these fall makeup trends are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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