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10 2000s Makeup Trends For The 2020s

The 2000s marked an unforgettable era as the new millennium brought different and unexpected crazes. From chunky highlights to slinky platform mules, there were many risky style choices made 20 years ago that people cringe at today. While the decade had its dark moments, it was also responsible for looks that are making comebacks and a source of inspiration for today’s beauty trends. Makeup in the 2000s is nostalgic today–especially for 2000s kids–and the cosmetic looks of the time were absolutely iconic. With that being said, here are 10 2000s makeup trends for the 2020s.  

1. Purple Eyeshadow

Gone are the days where many of us could get away with wearing just eyeshadow on our lids and leave the house. There was just something about simply rocking purple eyeshadow though; it was and still is a majestic color that makes our eyes pop. This makeup trend is already making a resurgence as beauty gurus on social media are experimenting with lilac and plum palettes, almost capturing the same exact appearance people were in love with 20 years ago. Soon enough, purple eyeshadow will be the new liner. 


2. Glossy Lips

Everyone knows that the 2000s shook everything up when it came to gloss–especially glossy lips. There was edible lip gloss, glossy lipstick, clear gloss, sparkly gloss, etc. The list was endless. This is most definitely a makeup trend we have been seeing in the last few years and, hopefully, continues to be a trend as the decade progresses. Glossy lips can complete any look, making you look fresh, healthy, and stand out! The 2020s are HERE for this lip look and nobody is mad at it!

3. Bright-colored Eyeliner

Now, if you ever wanted a pop of color back in the day, all you had to do was line your either already lined lids or bare lids with some bright-colored eyeliner. This was a cute and teen-friendly craze that many people were guilty of and a trend we are also starting to see rise from the ashes. The color of the eyeliner usually matched your jewelry, clothes, or hair and made you look cool and alive! This is an awesome beauty trend that hopefully flourishes in the future. 


4. Defined Lips

A 90s look that spilled into the 2000s is visibly defined lips. Whether it was really subtle or noticeable, this lip art was rarely slept on in the dawn of the new millennium. Today, lip pencils and liners are often utilized to overdraw our lips or help blend in nudes and bold colors. However, we have begun to see 90s nostalgia in the last decade, so it will be interesting to see the evolution this decade will have with this trend. 


5. Sparkly Lids

Sparkly lids were everything 20 years ago. Sparkly eye shadow that matched your shimmery gloss and/or fit was an event, to say the least. This year, we have seen many New York Fashion Week shows, like Tom Ford and LaQuan Smith, showcase extremely glittery eyeshadow on their models, hinting at how commonplace the look will be in the 2020s. The simultaneous elegant and fun the trend exudes is timeless, as this innovative 2000s appearance will be a trend we’ll forever be thankful for. 

6. Rhinestones & Crystals

Before Euphoria, 2000s icons like Christina Aguilera were the face of crystal/rhinestone eye art. From music videos to carpet appearances, having rhinestones and crystals on clothing and even on your face helped elevate fashion and beauty as the two worlds became infused. Today, this is an up-and-coming look thanks to shows like Euphoria as well as Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr culture. At the same, this is just the beginning for rhinestones and crystals as body art and we’re glad to have them back!


7. Smoky Eyes

Despite this being a makeup trend that made its way to the 2010s, the late 2000s was truly the first time we began to see the smoky eye look we know today. Especially when it came to the sexy smoky undereye and the shimmery silver inner corners. The sultry eye makeup craze was a more refined version of the smudgy eyeliner look and a popular fad that everyone subscribed to at the time. What we see now are modifications to the look as people have maximized the possibilities of wearing any color as a smoky eye, not just black. This is another classic that will be reiterated for a lifetime. 

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8. Rosy Cheeks

Before the E-girl, there was the 00’s girl, and she also liked her blush on the heavy side. Rosy cheeks were always a classic look that the 2000s made a staple of and used to the fullest extent. More pink blush than usual is not only seen on E-girls of today but also utilized more by influencers and makeup artists. It’s a cute whilst attractive look anyone can pull off. 


9. Brick Red Lipstick

A 90s lip shade that the 2000s couldn’t get enough of was brick red lipstick. This lipstick was worn by everyone in pop culture and the contrasting, yet versatile brown-based lip was a must with the perfect red blush in the Y2K era. Thanks to Instagram makeup and the Kardashian-Jenners, a twist of this Y2K makeup trend is still amongst us. The color goes with everything and can be as understated or apparent as you’d like it to be. 

10. Dewy and Glowy Skin

Having a bronzy and highlight rich glow was where it was at 20 years ago. No lie, JLo is still the glow queen to this day. Having a dewy finish meant natural and radiant skin, so it comes as no surprise that the 2000s catapulted an appearance that made everyone look like a healthy and better version of themselves. We have definitely seen the switch from matte to dewy, thanks to makeup brands like Glossier and Flesh, and we will continue to see the minimalist route in looking fresh-faced, healthily tanned, and all-around glossy in the near future.  


A list of makeup looks we thought was just memory lane will be the new norm for the next years to come. What looks are you inspired by? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Marian Haile

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