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10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

It’s time to amp up your face with a few trusty tips to keep you looking flawless. Try these 10 out for a step up on your makeup game.

1. Prep and prime

Whether it’s full glam or your every day under eye concealer, priming your face for makeup is essential. For a full foundation look, use a thicker cream moisturizer in small amounts and tap into the skin – allowing it to set in for a few minutes. For lighter coverage days, opt for an SPF moisturizer before any product.

2. Buff and blend

Blending is the key to a flawless face, especially when you feel like chiseling out some cheekbones with contour. For foundation, start with a light layer and buff it out with a fluffy brush. Go in with a damp beauty sponge afterward and add another light layer on areas you need a bit more coverage. This will give you a seamless finish without caked on product. After adding concealer, do a second round of blending with the sponge to smudge any harsh edges.

10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

3. Bake your face

After all your liquid products are in place, dip your damp sponge into some translucent or skin tone loose powder. Press the powder on any creasy or greasy areas – think under your eyes, chin, and forehead. For makeup pros, glide some powder under your cheekbones and complete your contour while setting. This will prevent any bronzing powder from spreading around and makes for an effortlessly blended look.

4. Glow from the gods

Pop on some liquid highlight and blend out with your fingers or a damp sponge. For some extra shine, dust on some powder highlighter over the liquid with a fan brush. This will give you that goddess glow without any caked on highlight.

5. Sparkles that stay

For a cut crease or glam eye look, use concealer as a base for any sparkle or shimmery colors. After applying your matte shades, take some concealer on a flat synthetic brush and carve out the area under your crease. Press the sparkly shade onto the concealer with a flat eyeshadow brush for a dazzling eye look that stays put all night.

10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

6. Brow drama

Sisters with sparse brows, listen up. Start off with a brow powder as a base, and fill in any patches with a gel or pomade product. The powder builds up the base of your brows to keep them looking natural and thick.

7. Makeup mishaps

Smeared some mascara on your nose? For eyeliner and mascara mishaps wait it out for a few minutes (until dried) and spin a q-tip directly over the spot. The cotton will pick up any mistake without wiping away the product underneath.

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10 Makeup Tips To Slay Your Face

8. Post-vacay bronze

Whether you use foundation or not – this tip can make you look summer bronzed all year long. Use a concealer two to three shades darker than your skin and swipe on some stripes on your temples, hollows of your cheeks, and on your jawline. With a damp beauty sponge, blend into your hairline and towards your nose until you have a faint bronze that screams Bahamas.

9. Spray away

Whatever makeup problem you face can probably be fixed by adding a spray into your routine. Use a homemade or store-bought skin spray before, during, and after application for a dewy and blended look. If you caked on more than anticipated, mist spray all over your face and go in with a beauty sponge to blend and soften.

10. Foundation fix

Tired of purchasing a new bottle of foundation every season to suit your skin? Buy a shade for the darkest you’ll get (think peak tan) and for the lightest (February pale and pasty) and mix the shades to create your perfect tone. You can save some money and clear the clutter from your vanity!

Have any makeup tips of your own? Comment your down below!
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