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Makeup Tips for Girls With Bangs

Makeup Tips for Girls With Bangs


Having bangs can change your whole face. It’s a gorgeous style that draws special attention to your eyes, especially if your makeup is done right! Fortunately, we’ve put together some of the best makeup tips for girls with bangs that are perfect for your every day look.

If you have bangs, here are some tips for your every day makeup.

1. Keep a natural look

When applying your foundation, keep it really simple and light. If you use a lot of blush or bronzer, your face may start to look too dark, since the fringe on your forehead will already be casting shadows. Keep it minimal to avoid an overdone look and ensure your bangs are the most dramatic piece on your face.

Try to keep it simple and let your eyes and the bangs be the dramatic piece on your face.

Try to always use water-based liquid foundation; it does not clog your pores as much as an oil-based foundation. Not only will this type of product feel lighter on your skin, it will also make you look more natural as it blends very easily. Simply dab a wet makeup sponge all over your face until desired coverage is achieved.

Use a wet makeup sponge and dab it on your face, this will allow it to blend easier.

After applying the foundation, use a translucent powder to reduce shine on your face and really capture that effortless natural look. If you really like blush then use a very light color, either a pale pink or light brown tone; just make sure to keep it subtle.


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2. Make your eyes pop

Choose a neutral pallet for your eye shadow in order to naturally draw attention to your eyes. I love brown and gold tones in particular, to play up my dark brown eyes.


Try a smokey eye

Smoky eyes, that are not too dramatic, are perfect attention grabbers, especially for an everyday look.

Choose a natural pallet for your eye shadow.

First apply a neutral color all over your eyelid. This should be close to the same shade as your skin tone and will provide a nice base. Apply a darker color to the crease with a blending brush. Choose a smoky brown color and sweep it to the outer corner of your lid. Use a smaller eyeshadow brush to blend the mixture of tones on your eye to make sure there are no harsh lines.

First use some foundation or concealer on your whole eye lid.

Pick a smokey brown color, apply it to your outer corner and sweep it across your crease.

Adding a little sparkle to your eye can also make you look pretty, without making your face look too heavy. I love to use NYC sparkle eye dust when I don’t feel like committing to full lid of eye shadow, or even when I just want to enhance my smoky eye with a little glimmer.

Adding a little sparkle to your eye can also make you look pretty without a heavy face.

For extra boldness, grab your eyeliner and apply it to the rims of your eye. Have fun with your eyeliner – try a sexy cat eye on your lid, it will work great with your bangs.

As a side tip, you can replace your eyeliner with eye shadow; it makes it look smoother and more natural. All you need for this is an angled eyeliner brush and black eye shadow – just mix the shadow with a touch of water, and apply with the brush as you would a normal eyeliner.

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Mascara is key

Mascara is the final final step with a smoky eye. My favorite is Voluminous Million Lashes; it has a really nice applicator and creates a dramatic look without overdoing it. The perfect every day mascara. If you use waterproof mascara, try not to rub your eyelashes aggressively to remove it. I know it can be hard to come off, so try something gentle, like baby oil.

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Apply mascara as a final step. If you use waterproof mascara try not rub your eyelashes aggressively when removing it.

I am a huge fan of clear mascara since I have very dark natural lashes and often feel like they don’t need to be darker. A clear mascara draws attention to my eyes without the hassle of heavy, clumpy mascara.

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3. Keep your lips nude or red

Since most of the attention will be on your eyes, try to keep your lips a nude or red shade. I am huge fan of Chap Stick, but pink gloss or red lipsticks is always fun!

If you all the attention is on your eyes, try that your lips have a nude look or a smooth red color.  I am huge fan of Chap Stick but pink gloss or red lipsticks is always fun.

Everybody is unique and every look will be different depending on who you are. The best makeup tip I can give you is to do your makeup the way YOU like it!

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