Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

There are so many choices when it comes to eye makeup, however, your eye color can determine what looks good on you. Brown eyes vary in color as some are light, some are dark, some have flecks of other colors tossed in the mix – each pair is unique. Although brown eyes come in an array of shades, there are a few ways to emphasize that warm hue, that work for every brown-eyed girl.


Adding a bright, light shadow to the inner corner of the eyes will instantly open up the area and bring attention to the eyes. To accentuate dark brown eyes, use a rose-gold or champagne color. For light brown eyes try a more golden highlight to play up the lighter tones in your eye.

To open your eyes a little more, try a flesh tone or white pencil liner, I recommend Wet & Wild’s flesh tone pencil.

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The key to bringing out any eye color is to frame the color with either liner or mascara. For a more dramatic look, frame your eyes with a few layers of mascara for luscious lashes and thick eyeliner for extra emphasis. For a subtler look you can skip the eyeliner and just apply mascara.


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Warm it up

Rich caramels, warm browns, golds and bronze eye shadows are the perfect accent to brown-eyed ladies.

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Accentuate the deep color of your eyes by using false eyelashes! You can wear them every day or just save the look for special occasions.


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Add color

I rarely play with bright colors because it seems a little too “dramatic” for the office. But, a little color never hurt anybody. Purple is a great color to aid brown eyes. If applying a colorful shadow over the lid is too intimidating, try experimenting with different shades on the lower lash line.

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